My London Love

Kristen and Ashley move to London for college. They move into an amazing apartment. They end up meeting the guys from One Direction. They all become rather close with each other as well. Will they find their happily ever after? Or do all good things come to an end?


1. Out for Coffee

Kristen's POV:


I woke up this morning to a text from my friend Amanda.

Amanda: Can't believe you're leaving tomorrow. Meet me for coffee in 10. :)

I quickly got up and put on some jean shorts and a t-shirt and let my mom and dad know I was leaving. "Okay honey, have fun. Oh and be back tonight for dinner, we're going out before you leave for London tomorrow." "Alright, love you. Bye." I walked out to my car and drove to the coffee shop. I walked in and noticed Amanda sitting there along with Ashley, my other best friend. She was also going to London tomorrow. I sat down. It was really quiet, none of us were talking. Soon Amanda looked up with tears in her eyes. "What am I going to do without you guys? What if I never see you guys again?" "You're definitely going to." I said "Yeah, and we'll be back here too." Ashley added.

Amanda's phone beeped. "Well, my mom needs me home. Please call me tomorrow." "We will." I said. By now we were all in tears in a big group hug. Amanda walked out and drove away. "I have to pack a bit more, want to come over and help me finish?" Ashley asked me. "Sure, I'll meet you at your house."

I went and got in my car and pulled into Ashley's driveway. This would be the last time I'm here for a very long time. It was a bitter sweet moment.

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