My London Love

Kristen and Ashley move to London for college. They move into an amazing apartment. They end up meeting the guys from One Direction. They all become rather close with each other as well. Will they find their happily ever after? Or do all good things come to an end?


6. Elevator Boy

I walked out the front door and headed for the elevator. A really cute, brown haired guy came in after me. He looked so familiar but I couldn't tell why. "Hi." he said with grin on his face. "Hey." "Nice shirt by the way." I looked down at my shirt, it was the one I got from the one direction concert last December. I realized now why he looked so familiar...he was Liam Payne from one direction!

"Uhm..uh..thanks." "No problem, love."

We got out of the elevator and he stopped me in the lobby. "You're very pretty, I hope you don't think bad of me you think I could have your number?" "Oh, thanks. And yes." He handed me his phone and I put my name and phone number in.

"Thanks, I'll see you later Kristen." "Okay, bye."

I walked out and got into my car. Wow Liam Payne just got my phone number.

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