My London Love

Kristen and Ashley move to London for college. They move into an amazing apartment. They end up meeting the guys from One Direction. They all become rather close with each other as well. Will they find their happily ever after? Or do all good things come to an end?


2. Ashley's House

Ashley and I walked into her house and went straight to her room. We sat on the floor and began sorting through her stuff. There was all kinds of stuff from when we were younger. Pretty soon we weren't doing much of anything, just sitting there laughing and there were moments when we were crying.

Soon we were interrupted by her family. They came in with a cake and presents for Ashley. "I'll go ahead and go so you guys can have your family time." "Oh no you won't. We're not going to see you for a long time, so you're staying." her mom said.

We sat around her kitchen table eating cake and laughing about old memories. We sat there for hours. It was close to time I had to be home for dinner, so I picked up my car keys. "Well, I guess I'll see you guys at the airport tomorrow. Bye." "Byeeeee." everyone replied.

I went out to my car and just sat outside her house for awhile. I wanted to just remember everything I could about it. I managed to hold back the tears and drove away, singing quietly to my 1D cd playing. I took the longest way possible home. I wanted to see all my favorite places, the places that had meant something to me. Oh wow, I was going to miss home. A lot.

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