Goodbye America

TigerLily, otherwise known as Lily, has been stuck in a hellhole in the middle of the US, fighting to find some escape. Some closure. Some Freedom. With this one chance she's gotten, she flees from her home and catches a plane, hopefully one that will take her far from this place she calls prison. When she meets Liam, one of the five boys in the world-known boyband One Direction, what happens to her? Does she find out more about this boy, or more about herself?


2. Take Off



I sat back, feeling a little bit of pressure being lifted from my shoulders. Finally, some freedon from the hellhole I was living in. Don’t get me wrong, America is one of—if not—the best countries out there. Just not for me.

Many thoughts crossed my mind as the plane waited for take off. Is my family okay? What am I going to do once I get to London? I hope I made the right decision.

I plugged in my headphones again, letting the hard rock that came on shuffle crash into my ear drums. The literal beats of the bass drums in the set bounced around inside my ears, making my head ache a bit. I turned it off; I’d had enough. The seat next to mine sank in a bit, revealing to me a  teenage boy in a dark hoodie.

“Psst!” I said, poking him. He looked up, seeming a bit dazed.

“Oh, hello there,” he greeted, his British accent think and strong. The sound of his voice made me tingle inside. What was this? Had I gone completely insane? My journey out here was to get AWAY from teenage boys! I built up a bit more courage to go through with what I was going to ask.

“Hey, um, do youhave any tylenol or something?” I asked. “I’ve got this massive headache and I didn’t bring any with me.” That was only partially correct. Truem I hadn’t brought any with me. Falso, the headache wasn’t massive. It was manageable.

He gave me a puzzled look befre straightening himself out. “Hold on a sec.” he said, holding up a finger. He turned to a man beside him, shaking him. “ANDY ANDY ANDY ANDY!”

The kid beside him reached up and smacked him before responding “What?”

“Do you have any tylenol. This girl needs some,”

Andy sat up and gave this boy a death glare before answering “Liam goddamn Payne. Do I look like a goddamn nurse?”

Liam laughed loudly before responding “You’re murse likes to think otherwise,”

Andy started to grumble under his breath, while searching his drawstring bag. “Murse. Who the hell does this kid think he is?”

“Liam goddamn Payne,” Liam responded. Andy laughed, handing over the bottle that I “needed”. Liam handed it over.

“Here you go, love,” he said. I took two pills out of it and swallowed them back, raching for my bottle to wash it down. “Now that you know my name, thansk to Andy goddamn Samuels—” this resulted in an expected hearty laugh from Andy. “Do I get the pleasure of knowing yours?”

“Lily,” I said, letting the corner of my mouth turn up a bit. “Lily Donathon,”

He held out a hand. “Its nice to meet you Lily Donathon,”

“Nice to meet you too, Liam goddamn Payne,”

He laughed. “Just Liam,” he said, smiling himself.

“Okay, Liam,” After that crazy event, I felt like moving was a good decision. I hoped I could see him after this trip though.

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