Goodbye America

TigerLily, otherwise known as Lily, has been stuck in a hellhole in the middle of the US, fighting to find some escape. Some closure. Some Freedom. With this one chance she's gotten, she flees from her home and catches a plane, hopefully one that will take her far from this place she calls prison. When she meets Liam, one of the five boys in the world-known boyband One Direction, what happens to her? Does she find out more about this boy, or more about herself?


1. Get Out


I plugged my headphones in as the rain came crashing down. I couldn’t think. I just had to get out.

Go far away.

Leave this place.

Leave the country, if I must.

I raced home and ordered a plane ticket. I was leaving in three hours. Surely that was plenty of time to pack what I needed, leave what I didn’t, and get out to the airport.

Once everything was together (my shirts, my shorts, my socks, undergarments, iPod, phone, toiletries, the whole nine yards), then came the hard part: telling my parents goodbye.

I checked the time; it was seven. The plane left the ground at nine. I sat down and wrote a very carefully worded letter to them…

Mom, Dad, Robby, and Josephine,

Yeah, I’m really sorry. I didn’t want to leave, but what choice do I have? I could stay here, but, then again, I’d get hurt. I’ve been hurt to many times to be sane enough to stay. So, I’m going away. Not sure where, not sure when I’ll be back. But I might come back, if conditions are right.

I’m so, so, SO sorry. I didn’t want to do this, but HE left me no choice, and I’m sure you know who HE is.

With Love,

Tiger Lily

I let a single tear escape my eyes as I stood up, grabbed my bag, and took one last look around the house. The floor boards were just the same now as they were ten years ago, when we first moved in as a family. They still creaked under the slightest pressure. I went to the secret location of all my savings. Well, the savings that I didn’t put in the bank. I lift the board to reveal at least a thousand dollars in savings. That should be enough, right? Right.

I stepped back into the rain. The headphones were already connected to my ears, and Usher’s sweet chocolate-melody voice came drifting through. I whistled for a cab, and got lucky on the first try.

“Where to?” the driver asked in a snobby voice.

“The airport,” I said, giving the same attitude.

He sped off into the flooded streets. He was driving so fast, he could have hit something, flipped three times, and landed us on our tops. Suddenly I wasn’t liking this image in my head.

We got there with an hour to spare. I gave him the money I owed him and hopped out quickly. I ran through security and off toward the counter, where my ticket should be.

“Name please?” the lady asked.

“Tiger Donathon,” I said. Yep, I’m a white girl whose name is Tiger. Just don’t ask.

With my bag on my back, I made my way to the hanger. I turned around for one last look at America.

“Goodbye, America.” I whispered as I boarded the plain….

(A/N: Sorry this is so horrible! I had so many ideas and they kind of….frazzled. So, yeah, could you tell me what you think? Thanks so much!)

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