Last Friday Night

"Hey, Cacia. Word on the street, your parents are out of town. Friday, party at your house. You down?"

--it all started on Friday night--
*you might read this before and this is the same one*


1. Directly Speaking


My alarm blared throughout the room, the piercing sound creating an annoying ringing in my ears. I groaned, my hand slapping against the skin on my forehead. I sat up, pulling myself out of bed to turn off the siren that was coming from the digital clock on my shelf that read the time 7:00 in red, glowing lettering. I smacked the top of it, turning it off in an inappropriate way that my mother would've scolded me for.


It had always annoyed me, that clock. My dad made me place it on the shelf so that if it was needed to wake me up, I would have no choice but to get out of bed and turn the damn thing off. I hardly ever used it. With me being an A student and my schedule as proper as ever, I learned that I could wake myself up to show responsibility.


But apparently, my father doesn't trust me while I'm alone. Speaking of my dad, he must've turned the alarm on because he and my mother were on an anniversary trip to New Jersey . . . They wanted that Cake Boss, Buddy Valastro to make them a cake. I don't understand why; a birthday cake by itself is around one thousand dollars by that Marc Angelo.


So, anyway, I've got the house all to myself this weekend to do homework and such. I'm so lively, right?


I slipped off my pajamas and threw on a long sleeve and denim shorts. I looked in the mirror, grabbing my brush and combing through my straight-but-curly-at-the-bottom hair Once it looked decent, I slung my backpack onto my back then made my way out of my bedroom.


I ran down the stairs and stopped by the kitchen to grab some toast. I stuffed the whole piece in my mouth, and then walked out the front door where my friend Lexa was waiting to pick me up and drive us to our high school. I smiled as I hopped into the car.


"Hey, Lex," I said, buckling my seatbelt.


She started the car. "Morning, Nikks." My name is Nikki Cacia. I know....weird name right? whatever. But some people called me Nikks for sure even though Nikki is already short. meh.


I nodded as we drove off in the direction of school.


"I saw your parents leave early this morning," Lexa explained while tapping her finger on the steering wheel along to the beat of Glad You Came by The Wanted. "Damn, I didn't even have time to wish them a happy anniversary!" She smacked the steering wheel playfully. When I laughed, she spoke again, "Girl, you've got the house all to yourself! You're so lucky."


"I'm really not going to be doing anything . . . Most likely watch movies and do homework," I stated.


"God, you're so boring." Lexa shook her head as we pulled up to the school.


I shrugged as we both stepped out of the car and made our separate ways. She was going to science while I had math; both as useless as ever.


I walked through the halls and stopped at my locker to throw all of the unneeded textbooks into it. I walked to the Math class and stepped inside the old classroom, taking my seat in the middle beside some kid named Chaz Somers. Chaz and I had never really talked before, which was weird considering all the math problems we've solved together. I don't know how we did it, but we had this silent language that we always used only with each other. It's surprising because Chaz is one of those boys who want to get in every single girl's pants that he sees. Disgusting.


"Good morning, class!" Our teacher Mrs. Clark welcomed us enthusiastically as she walked into the room. She plopped her brown purse onto the ground then stood in the middle of the front of the room. Her silky black dress shone because of the fluorescent lights, and her heels shined as well. Her shoulder length hair was curled at the tips; a 'do that suited her very well. Needless to say, Mrs. Clark is very good looking and had amazing fashion sense; I've always admired that about her.


She rubbed her hands together. "Turn to page two-hundred-and-one in your textbooks; we're going to take up last night's homework."


I licked my lips, flipping through the pages to get to the designated one. I laid the book out I front of me with the notebook that I did the calculations in, and I numbly listened to the answers correcting all of my errors.


It was a Wednesday, the week was half over and I was bored out of my mind sitting in a dirty classroom that was built in the '90's. Yeah, I'm having some fun.


Once our homework was assigned, I started it with Chaz and our silent communications. Well, that's what I assumed what going to happen. Instead, Chaz's name was called and he turned his head to whoever was calling it. I pretended not to care as the person whispered something to him, and I couldn't help but notice that it was Lexa. I furrowed my eyebrows.


Suddenly, Chaz turned to me and for the first time, his words were directed to me. "Hey, Cacia. Word on the street is your parents are out of town. This Friday, party at your house. You down?" he stared at me while I was still surprised that he'd spoken.


I bit my lip, contemplating what to say. My parents would never approve of a little get together, imagine a party!


But your parents aren't here, the little voice in my head reminded me.


After a stupid little argument with myself, I focused my attention on Chaz once again. I took a deep breath then smirked. "Um, yeah sure.Whatever."




"Hey, Nikki, can't wait for the party," a boy whom I didn't know that name of said, winking and pointing at me as he passed by me in the hall.


I nodded at him. Gossip spreads fast, I decided in my mind as I then turned back to Lexa who was very excited with my sudden change of attitude. "Nikki Cacia. You are hosting a party while your parents are out of town . . . I never thought I'd see the day," she exclaimed, placing a hand on her forehead and pretending to faint.


I playfully pushed her to the side, laughing. "It's no big deal," I muttered while grinning.


"Yeah, and Brad Pitt is just another actor," she remarked sarcastically. She pulled me into a hug. "I'm so proud of you!" She shrieked right in my ear.


I pushed her away once again. "God, Lexx!"


She rolled her eyes, leaned her arm on my shoulder, grinning.


We turned around the corner, making our way to our next class. But, me being the clumsy klutz I am, I bumped straight into someone. But it wasn't just someone; it was Justin Bieber, also known as the hottest but sweetest guy in school.


That was proven when he steadied me just before I was about to fall. His palms grasped my shoulders to keep me from falling as I clutched onto my books.


I turned to look up at him. "Thanks," I said half-heartedly. I couldn't help my tone of voice; I was too busy looking into his chocolate brown eyes that were staring at me in amusement. No wonder everyone wants this boy.


He let go of me as Lexa gave a quiet squeal (probably Bieber touched my arm).


Justin looked down at me once again after peering at my delusional best friend. "No problem," he reassured me with a friendly smile. He gave me a slight nod before walking off, just like that.


I shrugged and as I was about to smack Lexa for being so dramatic, he stopped and called out my name.




Lexa and I snapped our heads towards him.


"I'll see you at your house on Friday." He grinned then disappeared, off to his next class.


Lexa clutched onto my arm. "Oh. My. God," she breathed out. "He's going to your party!"

Oh My God.

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