i haunt one direction

hi my name is kat and im a ghost i dont like speaking about how i died these strange boys move into my house time to go have some fun


3. what just happened

HArry: Louis? wha-what just happened? 

Louis: i-idont know harry *he studders*

harry: well what happens now? 

louis: we get the hell out of here *he said starting for the open door*

kat: uh uh uh not so fast *she closes the door fast and locks it from the outside and does the same for the back door and the windows* 

harry: *he starts to panic since he cant see her and he just goes to the ground and wraps his arms around his head*

Louis: Harry its going to be okay just calm down

kat: *she chuckles* yea haz calm down she said putting a hand on Harrys shoulder*

Harry: *he jumps a bit at her touch* wha-what do you want fr-from me

kat: hmmm i don't know maybe a friend i haven't thought about that 

Harry: a-a friend doesn't scare the living daylights out of me 

kat: oh i beg to differ there is me *she manifests smirking*

Harry:*he moves away from her* yea yea just unlock the doors and windows i'm out of here

kat: o-oh ok *unlocks the doors and windows*

Harry: *grabs Louis and leaves the house quickly leaving all of their stuff behind*

kat: *she sits on the couch and sighs* well then there goes another one


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