i haunt one direction

hi my name is kat and im a ghost i dont like speaking about how i died these strange boys move into my house time to go have some fun


2. now the fun begains~

*picks up random pile of clothes and throws them at harry* what the crap he screams *kat laughs* hi there curly H~w-whos there K~ me h~whos me K~ your worst nightmare H~ well considering the only thing you did was throw clothes at me k~ *yanks harry up into the air* dont underestimate me styles

h~ how do you know my name K~ i know things H~ LOU LOU HELP!!!! K~ oh don't bother your friend cant help you *louis runs upstairs* l~what what is it! harry why the hell are you in the air h~ apparently my worst nightmare L~ look we don't want any trouble sir just leave us alone K~ *manifests* L~umm mam

K~haha nice well ill tell you what i will put styles down but i don't think ill leave you guys alone your fun to mess with *drops harry* H~ *scrambles to stand is still shaking* K~bye bye now *DISSAPEARS*

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