i haunt one direction

hi my name is kat and im a ghost i dont like speaking about how i died these strange boys move into my house time to go have some fun


4. no friends?

kat:  well then that's that i scared more people away i was only trying to have some fun hmpf *she disappears again* 


Louis: what are you doing we cant just leave we don't have enough money to find a new house and plus we have all of our stuff there we can't let some ghost who hasn't even hurt us yet and she didn't really do anything to bad

Harry: i don't care we are going to find somewhere else and who cares about our stuff and she scared the living shit out of me she picked me up into the air! i am not going back there no matter what you do to try to convince me *he says continuing to walk dragging Louis along with him*

Louis: no we are going back and we are going to set things straight with tha-that thing and we are going to get our house back!

Harry: *is very hesitant to go back but louis starts to drag him*

Louis: *they arrive and louis burst through the door* hey! 

kat: *whispers in louis's ear* hey!

Louis: *jumps startled* 

Kat: *starts to laugh* haha ypu came back *she said excitedly* 

Louis: yes WE did im going to need you to leave

Kat: i am sorry i can't do that

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