Forever.... Right?

Chloe Brown is neither a fan of One Direction let alone a Directioner, but what happens when a certain member of the band charms his way into her heart. While in Australia for a holiday, Chloe meets the band and not only does she have the privilege of befriending them, but she also manages to swoon every single member. Unfortunately Chloe only has her eyes on one particular member.


3. Plane journey & the twins...

I was woken up at 1 am, my alarm clock? Damn, my mum must have snuck in while I was sleeping, speaking of my mum...

"oh, hi honey I heard your alarm go off, I'm sorry it was me who set it you know how I get when we're going places" she frowned and looked at the floor.

"it's fine mum, but why two hours before we even have to set off?" I mumbled.

"just so we can eat something decent, and so you can check your suitcases over" she replied looking me in the eye now.

"okay, let me shower that might wake me up a bit more" I said whilst stumbling out of bed and crawling to my bathroom.

She swiftly jogged out of the room into what I assumed was hers because I heard voices. How was she so awake at this time? Oh my god.

*half an hour later*

I was fully dressed in my sweats with light make up on and my hair in a messy bun. I didn't look very attractive at the moment but I didn't really care, it was just a plane journey, I won't meet anyone special.

I slid on the laminate flooring to the kitchen and grabbed the orange juice, I almost had a heart attack when I shut the door, there stood my dad, in a suit? What was that?

"erm dad, why so dressed up?" I smirked.

"well your mother wanted me to look 'presentable' " he mimicked her voice with quotation marks around presentable. I tried to keep a poker face but I just burst out laughing and so did he. "she won't be happy if your going like that too, I'd go out something a bit nicer on honey"

I sighed and sauntered out of the room, glass of orange juice still in my hand. I set it on my bedside table and walked to my wardrobe yet again. I decided on a pair of leggins with my recently bought Holister shirt, my white converse and a hoodie I also applied some more make up to cover up my freckles, well that should do it, i looked at my dark brown hair and green eyes sighing, in a way i wish i look like my cousins, they had wonderful blonde hair and sea blue eyes boys loved them, i just looked well, i looked boring. After 5 minutes of almost picking out every single bad thing about myself I finally went back downstairs this time with my suitcases and carry on. I got a disapproving glare from my mum but I shrugged it off setting my things near the door.

"right, do you have everything? Will you be warm enough in that? Have you got your phone on you? have you eaten yet?" I had questions thrown at me from my mum.

"calm down mother, I have everything and it's Australia it's going to be red hot. I haven't eaten no, but I'm about to now, okay?!"

"don't you sass me, here's some toast just how you like it" she said anger rising in her slightly, whilst handing me the toast with Nutella lightly spreaded on it, it was my favourite. I could eat Nutella all day long, best.thing.ever.

I'd soon finished and we set off to the airport, ten minutes into the journey I was bored out of my mind already, oh god this was going to be fun.

*1 and a half hours later*

We were waiting to board the plane, then a loud announcement sounded "PASSENGERS WAITING FOR THE FLIGHT TO AUSTRALIA PLEASE START GOING TO THE GATES, THE PLANE WILL BE BOARDING IN 5 MINUTES" I sighed a stood up with all my luggage.

We were soon on the plane, and I could feel myself drifting to sleep, a few minutes later I was in dream land....

*almost the end of the flight*

I was woken by my mum shaking my shoulders and shouting my name.

"CHLOE, Chloe were landing in ten minutes."

Wow, that was quick I thought to myself, my eyes shot open and I sat quietly waiting for landing.

I heard a few girls behind me talking about... Oh god, one direction. Reminds me of the twins.

"so they're in Australia?" one asked. "yeaaaah!" another one squealed. "omg omg omg, I hope we see them" they both sat fangirling until we landed...longest 10 minutes of my life!

*in the airport*

I grabbed all my luggage along with my parents, we made our way through the airport to find the twins, well we should hear them before we see them if One Direction is in town. Great.

I was right, I heard two familiar girly squeeky voices shout my name and I put on my best smile and spun round to face them, they still had the long blonde hair, girly clothing, pink lipstick... Still the same Ella and Georgia, they both engulfed me in a hug talking about One Direction already. Kill. Me. Now.

The whole way back consisted of One Direction talk, and fangirling, the usual. We got to my aunt and uncles house, it was huge! Wow. They opened the door before we'd even started going up the drive and ran to us, hugging us. They then grabbed our luggage and took it to our rooms. I'm just glad I'm not sharing with the twins.
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