Forever.... Right?

Chloe Brown is neither a fan of One Direction let alone a Directioner, but what happens when a certain member of the band charms his way into her heart. While in Australia for a holiday, Chloe meets the band and not only does she have the privilege of befriending them, but she also manages to swoon every single member. Unfortunately Chloe only has her eyes on one particular member.


9. Oh no...

Harry's POV

we hoped she wouldn't ask, though we knew she would... Oh god, what do we tell her? Before I could come up with a reasonable answer Louis chimed in...

"he's asleep, we didn't wanna wake him, he'd probably kill us. He likes sleep. Lots of sleep"

We all nodded before she could question his answer, she looked unconvinced at first but then she sat down and calmed down a little.

The truth is, we don't know either. We haven't seen him since they went on that 'date' last night. Ugh I hate calling it that, I wish it could have been me, I don't think I have a chance against the Irish charm...

Louis's POV

phew, that was a good 2 second thought. Saved everyones ass then. I am worried about our little leprechaun though it's not like him to not come home... I wonder where he got to, was the date really that bad? Naaaah she seems happy enough.

Chloe's POV

something want me to not believe the guys, but why would they lie to me? I've known them a few days yes I know but I trust them with all my heart. Was the date that bad to him? No, he was the one who leaned in to kiss me. It was amazing yesterday...well I thought it was. I was distracted when I heard screams of mixed terror and joy I turned my head to see the boys carrying Zayn above their heads towards the sea. I chuckled to myself, this should be fun...

Niall's POV

I woke up my head was banging. I didn't know where I was, I didn't remember anything. Ugh. I sat up a little, where was I? I froze... My breathing hitched as I stared at the sleeping figure next to me. Shit. I only went for a little drink last night after my date... Chloe. Oh no... I asked her to be my girlfriend too... I've cheated, oh my gosh. I feel awful. She can't find out about this. How much did I drink last night?! I've just ruined my chances with the perfect girl...

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