Forever.... Right?

Chloe Brown is neither a fan of One Direction let alone a Directioner, but what happens when a certain member of the band charms his way into her heart. While in Australia for a holiday, Chloe meets the band and not only does she have the privilege of befriending them, but she also manages to swoon every single member. Unfortunately Chloe only has her eyes on one particular member.


6. Longest morning of my life & The perfect date

I woke up in the early hours of the morning, yet again. I'd grown used to waking up having breakfast and watching tv until everyone else rises. A couple of hours later the twins were also awake, you could tell, they were screaming at each other.

"WHY WOULD YOU BRAKE MY NECKLACE?! YOU KNOW JOSH GOT ME THAT" I heard Georgia scream (josh is Georgia's boyfriend)


I crept upstairs to my room, a few minutes later I was joined by a histerical sounding Georgia, mascara down her face, I've never seen her like this before. She didn't say anything she just came and practically sat on me crying into my hair. I couldn't leave her like this so I just wrapped my arms round her, not saying a word. After about 10 minutes she finally spoke.

"She's such a..-ugh my god, how could she though, she shouldn't have touched it, then it wouldn't have broken" she croaked wiping a stray tear on her cheek.

"yeah, I kno-..." I was cut off by her.

"no, no you don't know. It isn't the first time she's broken something important to me, remember you got me that bracelet a few years ago?" I opened my mouth to reply but she cut me off again "well, she broke that too"

I sat there silent, you could only her the sounds of us breathing and her sniffling.

She let in a deep breath then let it out, " I'm going to get some breakfast, you want anything?" she finally asked, I shook my head, she nodded and thanked me before walking out. Before I could so much as breathe again I had the second of the terrible twins enter, anger spread across her face she stormed over to me but softened her face before speaking.

"she snatched it from me, it wouldn't have broke if she hadn't have done that, it's her fault, yeah I know I was trying to put it on, but I just thought it was pretty y'know, then she-she broke it"

"I know, I know I heard everything" I chuckled. She stifled a laugh and sat next to me.

"do you think she'll forgive me?" she whispered avoiding my eye contact.

"I think she will, but it'll take time, just ignore her till she apologieses for overreacting...c'mon let's go downstairs" I ushered her out of my room and sighed. Today was gonna be a long day. We went to the living room and found Georgia sprawled out on the couch, I don't think she was gonna let us sit. I decided to lighten the mood a little

"hey why don't we go for a swim?" I suggested.

They both glared at me but reluctantly stood up and went to put their costumes on. I did the same, met out side they were both stood opposite sides of the pool..I ran and jumped into the shallow end and swam a little. They stood watching me "c'mon get in!!!" I yelled.

"yeah get in Ella" Georgia yelled, walking towards her. Before she could even reply she was thrown into the pool by a now smirking Georgia. She reacted quick though and grabbed Georgia's leg pulling her in with her. Oh god.

They were pushing each other under and screaming at each other. They were disturbed by their very angry mother.

"ELLA, GEORGIA GET OUT OF THAT POOL AND IN THIS HOUSE, RIGHT NOW" they crawled out and trudged into the house occasionally pushing each other and trying to trip each other. They haven't changed since the last time I saw them...we were 9 by the way. We are now 16, yeah aren't I blessed with seeing them again.

*three hours later*

I was walking through my room and I noticed paper on the floor, I picked it up and saw the familiar writing of non other than Niall Horan, then I remembered. I said id call him! I ran to my phone and dialled the number he picked up after the second ring.

"hello?" I heard his gorgeous Irish accent down the phone.

"um, hi Niall, it's Chloe..." I stammered, god why was I so nervous...oh yeah, he's in the worlds biggest boy band.

"hiiii Chloe! What you doing day?" he sounded much more cheerier now. I giggled.

"nothing why?" I replied.

"meet me where we first met in 10 minutes?" he asked, sounding hopeful.

"okay see you! Bye" I smiled, then hung up.

I ran to my wardrobe and put on a pair of jean shorts and a holister shirt along with my sandals. I applied light makeup, eye liner and foundation. Grabbed my phone again and set off to the beach.

*10 minutes later*

I arrived exactly on time and he was sat on a towel with what looked like a picnic basket. What he doesn't know is how much I love picnics! Oh my god.

He smiled when he turned to see me. And stood up wrapping me in a famous 'horan hug' well, I know why everyone calls them that, they are amazing.

We sat down and talked for a while, ate our picnic. The sun was beginning to set when we'd done. He stood and took me hand, we walked along the shoreline laughing and joking. Cliche yes I know, I felt like I was in a movie right at that moment, everything was perfect. It became a whole lot more perfect when he turned and took both my hands in his.

"Chloe, I've known you a few days and honestly I thought you weren't gonna call me, the lads teased me for ages. I know you don't like the band. But hopefully you like me. When I first laid eyes on you, i knew you were the perfect girl. That glint in your beautiful green eyes, the way your hair blows in the sea breeze..sorry I'm rambling haha. So im basically asking... Chloe Brown, would you like to be my girlfriend?"

I gasped and stared for a while, I thought about and Niall Horan, from one direction. The band I don't like, well I've sort of grown to like them a little, but still. Me and him. Forever.... Right? I nodded my head and he smiled the biggest I've ever seen. And with that he slowly leaned in, I helped him out abit and our lips met within seconds. It was perfect, life was perfect. I didn't want this moment to end. Then my phone rang, ugh.

I groaned before answering, and my mum exploded at me down the phone, she talked for a while then hung up. Huh, charming.

"I have to go" I said.

"okay, I'll text you later honey" he leaned in to kiss me again, then we went our separate ways. Was it love at first sight all along?
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