Forever.... Right?

Chloe Brown is neither a fan of One Direction let alone a Directioner, but what happens when a certain member of the band charms his way into her heart. While in Australia for a holiday, Chloe meets the band and not only does she have the privilege of befriending them, but she also manages to swoon every single member. Unfortunately Chloe only has her eyes on one particular member.


12. Explain

Nialls POV;

I woke up and went to get my phone out of my pocket but it wasn't there. I checked the other one too. "shit" I cursed. I must have left it there, I wasn't going back, not right now I can't. I collapsed onto my bed again thinkin about how I would explain this to Chloe. She wasn't going to take this well, oh god.

Chloe's POV;

What am I supposed to do? Call him and confront him, can't they have his phone oh god. Well he has to come pick it up right?

Ella's POV;

I'm going to the beach today. Without Georgia, god she'd never shut up. I kinda wish I hadnt told her now. Oh well the deed is done, hope I'll see Niall at the beach I need to see him just to see if I actually ment something to him. Who was I kidding, Niall Horan? Worth a shot. I grabbed my stuff and snuck out without a word...

As I stepped onto the beach I felt the warm sand between my toes, relaxing actually! I scanned around and saw the familiar blonde. Bingo.

Nialls POV;

I decided to go to the beach to clear my head. I haven't spoken to any of the lads since yesterday. I wasn't ready for being questioned right now so I snuck out I was still in the clothes from the night out but who cares. I simply just sat in the sand and felt like crying. Only now had I realised what id done, she will be heartbroken. I need to make this up to her... Or should I even tell her at all? Hmm. I was thinking this when I saw a familiar girl walk up to me... Ella.

"think you forgot something" she tried to say seductively I think, well not working sweetheart..she held my phone out to me and I took it before she thought twice about giving me it back.

"thanks" I mumbled looking out towards the sea.

"so-" she began, I cut her off.

"is that all you want? Good please go away. It was a mistake a big mistake I'm sorry. I do have a girlfriend you know" I snapped.

"oh..." was all she said before she got up and left.

Great, way to make me feel bad. Anyways I have to think about how I'm going to explain this.

First text Chloe... Right. I quickly typed 'meet me at the beach need 2 talk' and sent it.

Chloe's POV;

My phone vibrated on my bedside table indicating I had a message it was from Niall... 'meet me at the beach need 2 talk'... Great here comes the break up speech. I sighed slipping my phone into my pocket, and putting my sandles on. I arrived at the beach a few minutes later and I saw him, he looked a mess to be honest obviously hasn't thought to change his clothes. Anyway I walked over and stood there for a few seconds.

He turned to look at me and stood up.

"I-" "save it Niall, you do know Ella is my cousin don't you?" "wha-" "yes she's my cousin, you slept with my cousin, in the room next to my room" "LET ME GET MY SENTENCE OUT" he sort of yelled...I stepped back in shock that he'd speak to me like that. "go on" I whispered on the verge of tears, I hate being shouted at!

"look Clo I'm sorry, I'm really sorry I didn't mean to yell the whole thing has been going through my head for hours literally, I'm sorry okay. I went to a party and got drunk, I didn't know what I was doing. You may think that's everyones excuse but this is for real, I ran out of there when I realised what I'd done I've felt terrible, I've been racking my brains thinking of how I can make this up to you I realise I probably can't" he sighed and broke eye contact with me. "I'm sorry" he said again.

"Niall, I just need space right now, I need to think. This isn't the first time someone has chosen my cousin over me...kinda used to it" I had tears in my eyes now... "I need to go" I whispered and ran away without looking back even though I could hear him yelling my name...

A/N hi guys! What should happen next? Need ideas should they get back together? Should Niall be with Ella? Should Chloe be with Harry? Thanks for reading this guys. -Rebecca xx
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