Forever.... Right?

Chloe Brown is neither a fan of One Direction let alone a Directioner, but what happens when a certain member of the band charms his way into her heart. While in Australia for a holiday, Chloe meets the band and not only does she have the privilege of befriending them, but she also manages to swoon every single member. Unfortunately Chloe only has her eyes on one particular member.


1. 'we're going on holiday!'

Chloe's POV;

I was woken up by my mum and dad whispering outside my door. It slowly creeped open so I closed my eyes, pretending to sleep so I could find out what they were talking about.

"She's still asleep, let's leave her a little longer" I heard my mum say.
"It's almost 10 o'clock, and I have a feeling she won't mind us waking her up when she finds out" my dad replied.

I suddenly felt freezing, my eyes flew open and my dad stood at the end of my bed holding my duvet with his finger tips. They saw that I had woken up so he dropped it and they sat either side of my bed with crazy grins on their faces.

"urm, what's going on...?" I questioned, and judging by the smiles on their faces this was going to be something good. I hope.

"well, you know your cousins Ella and Georgia?" my mum started...

"the ones that moved to Australia...yes?" I replied.

"oh, I can't stand this anymore...WERE GOING ON HOLIDAY TO AUSTRALIA" my dad spoke/shouted.

"WHAT?! How long for? What about my friends? What about school? WHAT" I was confused...

"were going for 2 months, I've called your school, you'll be doing a few classes over in Australia but it won't be everyday" my mum started...

"you'll make new friends too honey, remember your cousins will be there, and I'm sure you'll meet their friends and other new ones" my dad finished.

"yeah...I'm sure their friends are great" I said unenthusiasticly. You see, Ella and Georgia are twins. Girly girl, stunning...yeah typical twins. They are also OBSESSED with One Direction...this should be fun.

"we leave tomorrow" my mum said.

"WHAT" I managed to choke out...

"yes, now get packing!" my dad yelled, making me flinch a little. Then, before I could say anything more they ran out of the room, leaving me there...
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