Little Things

I really cant explain this book. Just read it. WARNING: language and cigarettes (13+)


1. Meeting You


Jessicas P.O.V.

I was staring at my computer screen in my room. I was very bored sitting on my bed checking my Twitter. The curtains were just a little open to let some light in, but not too much. I had no plans for today, tomorrow or any day close to today. All my friends were out living their lives but me, I live alone with my dog. I have no family still alive besides my brother who lives in California over in America. I live in London, England. Occasionally my friends will come down and visit for a week or two but not long enough. I have signed up for those online-dating things but all I get are creeps. I want to find true love and spend my life with them and start a family. I need to do something quick because my routine at the moment is not working.

But not all my life is boring and lonely. I do have a job. I am a dancer with my best friend Danielle. But for a while, she has been on tour with some famous band and wont be back for a while. I also do live in a ginormous house. It has my master suite, 3 bathrooms, 4 bedrooms, 2 kitchens, 1 living room, and a basement. I don't go in half of the house because I don't need to.

I shut my laptop impatient to get my life moving. I jumped in the shower, took a nice quick and cold bath and went to my wardrobe to get my clothes. I picked out my cut shorts and my neon-yellow wave tank. I threw on my black sandal flats and went to the bathroom to do my makeup. I brushed my cheeks lightly with pink blush and flowed some eyeliner and mascara on. I put white eye shadow on and started brushing my long brown hair. I blow dried it and threw it in a sloppy fishtail braid. Then I hurried in my room to grab my phone, ray bans, wallet, and Young and Reckless Snap Back and ran down the long flight of steps. 

I met up with my Pomeranian dog, Ethan when I got to the bottom. "Hi buddy! Wanna go for a walk?" I asked him. He jumped up on me as i set all my stuff on the counter, threw on my hat, and grabbed his leash. I hooked Ethan up and we walked to the door when there was a knock. I opened it. "Hello! I'm Harry and me and my mates were wondering if you had any milk" The boy said. He was quite attractive "We just moved in from across the street and we need milk" He said again. "Oh sure come in I think I have an extra gallon" I said showing him the was to the kitchen. I unhooked Ethan and let him run around for the time being. I opened the fridge and pulled out the milk i had bought last night for breakfast this morning that I totally forgot about. I can buy some later. "Here you go" I said handing him the milk. "Wow this is a nice place you have. It's far different from the one I just moved into" Said Harry. "Thanks I moved here not too long ago. What made you think, London?" I asked him. "Well me and my mates were looking for a rather large house to fit us all in so we can settle down between tours here." He said. "Tours?" I asked. "Yes we are in a band called One Direction. Have you heard of us?" Harry asked. I have heard of them but really didn't mind them. I loved their music though. "Yeah! Who hasn't" I said chuckling. "Well I guess I will catch up with you later we have to finish moving in" Harry said walking to the door. "Oh and thanks for the milk and Oh-" He said turning around. "I didn't catch your name love" He said "Oh Jessica" I said "Okay Jessica see ya around!" And he left. I loved the fact he called me love. 

I hooked Ethan up again and walked out the door. I looked across the street and they did move there. There were 5 moving trucks. Well considering there were five boys having to live there. I started walking around the block hoping Ethan would do something. After about 5 minuets,  he peed and we walked back to the house. I gave Ethan a treat then I went to get my keys and so fourth and headed out the door, locking it behind. I jumped in my Mini Cooper and drove off. 



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