Little Things

I really cant explain this book. Just read it. WARNING: language and cigarettes (13+)


2. Impatient

Harry's P.O.V.

'I got the milk!" I said as i walked into the house, into the living room with Niall and Louis. "Did you get to meet who lived there?" Asked Niall. "Yeah. Her name is Jessica" I said staring into space, thinking about her. "Uh-oh. What happened?" Asked Louis knocking me out of thought. "Nothing. Shes gorgeous. And sweet. I have nothing bad to say about her, besides the fact i'm jealous of her big house" I said. Witch was all true. She had the most perfect body; petite, skinny, beautiful body. Her hair was perfect and she had the cutest American accent that was to die for. I don't know completely yet, but I think i'm in love.

I opened the fridge and put the milk in. Then I walked back outside to fetch a few boxes. I looked over to Jessicas' house and she was gone. I was going to see if she could help me, but I guess that's gonna have to wait until later. So I set the boxes back down in the truck and walked back in, now eager for her to get home. I flopped down on the couch next to Niall and turned the TV on. "I'm gonna ask her later if she'll help me unpack, i'll get to know her better. But hands off! She's mine!" I said staring at Niall and Louis. "I'm not promising anything!" Said Louis

Jessica's P.O.V.

I was visiting the last store that was on my list. It was a little chocolate store in the middle of town. I walked up to the cashier and asked her how much the peanut butter cups cost. I had a crazy obsession over peanut butter and I was worried. I only had 10.00 left. "Ma'am that would be 12.00" she said "Oh. Okay then" I said putting my money back in my pocket and when I was walking out of the store, I heard a familiar voice say, "I'll get 10 of those for her" and I turned around and there she was with a big smile on her face. I ran up to her and hugging her so tightly. "Danielle! I thought you would be a while?" I said still hugging her. "Well me and my boyfriend and his four friends found a place and I decided to get some chocolate. And fancy seeing you here. Hey! You need to meet them!!! OMG they are awesome!" She said. I was nervous to meet her boyfriend and FOUR of his friends. "Okay wanna go now?" I asked. "Sure!" She said, Not realizing she hadn't grabbed the peanut cps so i ran back and got them then caught up with Danielle.

We were driving around a very familiar place. We pulled into a road that looked just like the one I lived on. And then, I finally put two and two together. The band she went on tour with was One Direction and they had moved across from me! I was so excited but I wanted to keep it a secret from Danielle to see her reaction. "Oh my god there are no parking spaces for here. Do you think if I park here they will care?" She asked me pointing at my driveway. "Oh no these people are nice" I said with a smile.She parked there and we dashed to the house. 

As we walked in, Harry came into the living and saw me. "Hey Jessica!" And Danielle looked at me weird. "Oh Danielle.You know the house you parked at?" I said looking at her with a grin."Yeah..." "Well thats my house" she laughed "Really?! Thats awesome! I take it you met Harry.  Did you meet everyone else?" She asked "No" and she grabbed my hand and took me upstairs. We entered a room it was red and had a big TV and a big bed. there was another cute boy there. "Hi Louis this is Jessica! Shes my best friend she lives across the street" "Hello love! Harry was taking about you nonstop." said Louis. I blushed and then we went to the next room. It was blue and had the same stuff as Louis did. "Liam babe this is Jessica who I was talking about on the plane ride here" She said, This must have been her boyfriend. "Hello! Im Liam pleasure to meet you!" He said. He was really sweet and cute. Dani ran to him kissed him, then we were off to the next house.

The next room was green and it had a big Irish flag in it that said 'NANDO's' in big black letters. The name rings a bell. I've been there before with my other friend Tirza. It was delish! "Hi Niall.I don't know if you have heard of her but this is Jessica" Said Danielle. Niall sat up from his bed and started staring at me. He was practically drooling. "Hi?" I said "Oh sorry love. Hi I'm Niall" He said shaking my hand with a mysterious smile. "One more room!" said Danielle. We walked a little more than we did for the other rooms.then we entered the room. Music was playing and a guy with no shirt on (Thank you jesus)

"Hi Zayn this is jessica. Shes my best friend and she lives across the street" Said Danielle once more. The guy had a lot of tattoos and a really attractive face. "Hello Jessica!" he said. "Hi!" I said awkwardly. "Okay um Jess i have a surprise for you!" Said dani and we went to her room

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