Your the reason why I can't Breath

Ever Anderson is a girl that never has been loved by her parents, her mother skipped out on her when she was six, he father is never there, she lives by herself and shes 17 years old. She will always be tough for her self, because she needs to be strong. until gorgeous lushes Harry Styles shows up at her new job wines her and dines her, she doesn't know if she can be the tough enough, because shes falling but will he catch her or will he let his fans come between them.


1. "Hey Love"


"You've got the job" she said in a very flat tone like if it was her decision she would tell me to fuck off and find another job, just because I asked about her hairy mole, I swear it looked like she had two heads. You heard her right I got the job but its not a fancy job it's not the job that you would do for the rest if your life, it's a temporary a job you hate but you NEED the money. I need the money because, to buy stuff duh! But also because I really just live by my self long story short my mother skipped out on me when I was six, why? I really don't know but if you see her tell her I'm wearing her favorite ring and if she wants it back she has to come and get it. Well my dad is another story he didn't really skip out on me he thinks he's still young so he goes to parties and gets with girls and never comes home so it practically isn't his house but he pays the bills so I really don't care. Ever since my mother left he blames it on me so, he can stay were ever he is I really don't what to deal with his bullshit. "Ever Anderson? Did you hear me, you got the job" she nearly shouted at me, I could see that she's going to give me a hard time during this job, great. "Sorry, umm...thats great thank you so much" I said with a polite smile to show her that I heard her, and just as I am about to ask her what is my job in the small but cold ice cream shop she opens her mouth and says " if it were up to me I would never in a million years hire you" she says with a very boring tone, there you go, I knew she was just itching to say that, but I brush it off and say " sucks for you that it's not up to you but thanks for the heads up" I said with a  devilish smile like I'm saying mentally "bring it on stupid bitch". So she angrily shows me to my station , and shows me this machine that looks like a death trap like if I ever put my hand in it, it would swallow me whole and that was a scary image because this lady is probably trying to set me up a kill me like something on Saw. "It's to grind the toppings that are whole" what she meant to say is that "it's to grind your bones and kill you so you won't have to work here" while I was wondering in my thoughts I took a good look at her she was small, smaller than me and I'm 4'11, she was about 4'6 chubby and really mean looking like her husband cheated on her for her sister and they still send her cards telling her there sorry but there really happy and never better. But, me on the other side "I'm gorgeous" is what people say to me, which I do not Believe. I'm a brunette, long waves, and I have really pale skin like I've been catching a tan in the snow, my eyes are hazel with a tin of green and my eye lashes are freakishly long and I have bug eyes but the kind of eyes that people would want to look at for days because they think there beautiful, which I think is really uncomfortable when they say that. But compare to her I'm thin but that thin with a hint of curves .    So turns out the lady showed me every machine in here and I'm working at the cash register which was a waste of my 25min I could of been watching tv, thanks a lot lady. As I'm at the cash register a girl similar to me but she has green eyes and is much taller than me walks up to me and says "Hey I'm Isabella but you can call me Bella, what yours ?" I smiled because she looked like she was one of those employes that you want to hug because there really nice and helpful. "Hey I'm Ever Anderson, but you didn't need to know my last name" I said giggling when I said it and just as I am about to stop laughing she joins in and I just look at her because maybe it would be fun to be here."Your new her right?" She asked , "Yes" I said "So you met the lady that will all kill us one day?" She said as she laughed, "umm...yes, she's pretty scary, I think she was close to shoving me in the grind machine pretty soon!" I said as I couldn't stop laughing and Bella was holding her stomach because it was hurting so much from laughing. "Oh my goodness I think we're going to get along" she smiled " I think so to" I said as I smiled and giggled a little from my joke, "I didn't hire you so you could talk to employees, GET TO WORK!" A voice said in the back but I knew who it was, that lady that's out to get me     HARRY P.O.V   "Come on mate we've been practicing for hours, can we please take a break!?" I said as I was on the verge of quitting singing, because we were working to the bone. " Yes please can we stop Zayn I think I might crack if I sing another song!" Zayn hated when we complained because we all gang up on him and beg that we stop and take a break. So we all watched frustrated Zayn think "Ok, but tomorrow we are going to work longer than today, all right?" "Alright" we all said in a sad voice. "Oooo we should hit the pool!" Liam said really happy, "No I think we should just get some cool refreshing ice cream!" I shouted with the biggest smile on my face. "Yeah!" Louis said jumping up and down. So we piled up in the car and went to the nearest ice cream shop and no one was really there, which was awesome so we could enjoy some good ice cream without getting tackled by a bunch of girls. That's pretty embarrassing, so we parked close and got to the line, right there and then I knew I froze because the boys were way ahead of me and the reason I froze is because of the beautiful girl planted on the freezer. She was so beautiful her hair fell down to her arms and her eyes were hazel with a tin of green which was the most incredible thing about her, her eyes were like a open book, like I could just spill my heart out to her, she looked like a puzzle piece that goes to me, her waist was small but good enough for me to slip my arms around them. Her skin was like a snow flakes completion. " Hey Harry, what's up with you, why aren't you walking with us mate?" Said Niall with a weird look on his face, "Sorry, umm" and then I started walking again. "Are you ok?" Louis said putting his arm around my shoulder, "Yea I'm fine it's just, she's so beautiful" I said while I pointed at her. "O oh Harry's got the love bug!" Louis shouted, I looked at him and shhhed him because I didn't want her to hear him. Niall, Zayn, and Liam gathered around me and Louis and Niall asked "Who?, Where?" Then Zayn joined in "What girl ? Is she beautiful?" Liam just looked at me and said "Is it that girl over there?" and he pointed at her "Yes" I said dreamy  like if she was a angle. "Let's go then and meet her" they all ran to the front and Startled her. Her beautiful eyes were wide open with fear "Can... Can I help you guys" trying to clam herself down, "hey I'm Liam, I'm Zayn, I'm Louis, I'm Niall..." And they all looked at me so I can finished the line of names with my name but I just couldn't because shes looking at me too with her eye lashes batting , she is so gorgeous. "Oh I'm Harry Styles" I said with a small smile and a quick wink, "hey I'm Ever Anderson" she said giving me a beautiful smile.    EVER ANDERSON P.O.V   I smile at these guys that are handsome, there really kind of goofy, but the one that is really staring at me he's so umm... I can't even find the words he's so sexy the way his eye are there brown but they are deep like you can swim in them, he is really making me melt, STOP , he said Harry Styles! Oh no pop star equals heart broken fan out to get me, good bye. "Hello you guys already know my name so what can I get you guys?" "I would like chunky monkey" I think Liam or Niall said that, I really don't know which is which. "I'll take just a strawberry ice cream" I nod at who ever said that, "Vanilla!" Two guys say "ok" I said not trying to sound confused. "And you?" I said pointing at Harry Styles, I notice that he was studying me when the guys  where giving me there order, his curly hair look so pleasant, and his arms are like two puzzle pieces that goes to my waist, and right now I just want to ask him if he wants me for his order when someone's voice shocks me back into reality, "umm I like a Butter Finger ice cream, please" he said with his smile that make a million hearts sore, but I'm not apart of that million because the thing is that he's a pop star, and I'm a nobody and pop star don't go with a nobody. "Ok" I said trying to sound like his just another customer, so I tell Bella what these guys want, and she starts to stare at Niall or Zayn I really don't know all I know is that there both looking at each other. "Bella you ok?" I said giggling because clearly she's star stuck, "umm yea I'm ok! Umm..." And all of a sudden she's next to me in seconds, "hey I'm Bella" clearly talking to only Niall. "Hey love, I'm Niall" Niall said, and all you can hear is Bella shriek when he said "love",  "I really love you guys, what are y'all doing here? Omg I can't believe it, it's actually you guys!" She say and when she says it she gets happier and happier at ever word she says but I think I'm the only one that notices it, because they just cool with it. "We'll I will get the ice creams since your talking" I said to Bella but I don't think she heard me, I don't think anyone heard me expect for... Harry. Oh no he's looking at me with his sexy smile and his hands that I just want to hold, o my I need to stop "can I ask you something?" And as he says this he leans in close to my face, inches away from my lips, and God do I want to melt but I keep it together and answer his question. "Yes?" I said with a face that was trying to look confused but my smile took over. "I really think your beautiful but I just don't want to just ask you in a normal way to ask you for your number you want me to sing to you?" He said with his shy eyes and a smile that wouldn't disappear ever since he got here.         

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