Back To the Bridge

*One Direction Love Story*
Erica Hilton was a girl that was so brought down by her past and her present that she didn't even want to know her future.
Zayn Malik was a rising star in the biggest boyband in the world...One Direction.
When Erica goes Back To the Bridge to end it all, and Zayn Malik goes to walk it off, will this chance of fate be enough to keep them together, or end it all?


1. Prolouge

The wind whistled through my hair. I stood on the bridge with no regrets. I had to do this. There was no other way. I was tired of this. I couldn't take it anymore and neither could anyone around me...I sighed and walked up to the rail. It was a long drop into the water. I was so ready though...I was almost happy. Almost.   Well here goes nothing....I sigh an start to step over the rail and hear someone gasp and yell, "Stop! You can't do that!" I look in the direction and see an attractive lad running towards me. I ignore him and keep climbing over the rail, attempting to jump. I've almost done it, when I feel a pair of strong arms around me. I try to struggle free, but he's too strong.   "Let me go!" I yell at him. "No," he responded calmly pulling me back onto the bridge. "Why?!" I yell angrily and confused. "I can't. That's stupid, whatever's going on with you is probably bad, but you can get help," he said. I start to cry, all the emotions were building up inside of me.   "Please?" I beg him softly. He looked me right in the eye, "No, I can't let you do that," he said still restraining me. His voice soft...and familiar. I looked at the handsome boy who saved my familiar. Then I was Zayn Malik.
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