Back To the Bridge

*One Direction Love Story*
Erica Hilton was a girl that was so brought down by her past and her present that she didn't even want to know her future.
Zayn Malik was a rising star in the biggest boyband in the world...One Direction.
When Erica goes Back To the Bridge to end it all, and Zayn Malik goes to walk it off, will this chance of fate be enough to keep them together, or end it all?


7. Chapter 5

Erica's POV 

I started to approach the small flat that I called my own, and fear set in. He'd be back by now and I would surely get punished for my reckless behavior. There was no way I could go back.

Without a thought, I swiftly turned on the balls of my feet and ran. I knew I had nowhere to go, I knew I was only prolonging it all. In that moment though, I could care less. Anywhere was better than with him...I started to hit the streets of the main parts of Bradford and started to feel the tiredness creep in. 

I ducked into an alleyway, and slumped against the wall. I looked around and I knew the alley. It was one I used to play in back when I had friends and things were normal for me.


"One, two, three! Ready or not here I come!" I heard Suzy called as I ducked into the alley. I sat behind a dumpster and tried to suppress the giggles working their way out of me. 

Unfortunately, they were too loud and Suzy started to run down the alleyway towards me, her shoes making small smacking sounds on the pavement. "I got you Erica!" She teased tagging me.

"Nuh-uh! You cheated!" I yelled back. I knew she didn't, but I wasn't about to say that. I wanted to win, it didn't matter that it was only a game to me. "Erica! Stop lying! I didn't cheat you were just laughing to loud!" Suzy protested with her hands on her hips. I rolled my eyes at her like she was crazy though, "Suzy, I wasn't even laughing!" I insist throwing my hands up.

"Whatever you say Erica, I have to go home. My mummy probably has dinner done," she said already walking away towards the main road. "Bye!" I call loudly after her.

I probably should have headed home..but I really didn't want to. Mummy and daddy were in an argument, and when they were in an argument they were always so mean to each other. I hated it, so I slumped against the wall. I watched the car and people walk by for a while. As the lights started to go out though. I knew I really did need to get home. So, I got up smoothed out my school uniforms skirt and started off home.

-flashback over-

It was so weird for me to sit here. It's so different now, but also strangely similar. On one side, I'm certainly not here for fun. But then again, I'm sitting here because I can't go home. 

Sighing I slump farther against the wall, and try and get comfortable. It was going to be a long night, but it's better than the any night I was going to have back with James. There was also tea with Zayn to look forward too tomorrow. With that, I close my eyes and try to fall asleep hoping that tomorrow comes soon.

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