Back To the Bridge

*One Direction Love Story*
Erica Hilton was a girl that was so brought down by her past and her present that she didn't even want to know her future.
Zayn Malik was a rising star in the biggest boyband in the world...One Direction.
When Erica goes Back To the Bridge to end it all, and Zayn Malik goes to walk it off, will this chance of fate be enough to keep them together, or end it all?


4. Chapter 3

Zayn's POV

"Erica?" I question looking down at the broken girl before me. The girl who once wore pigtails, who once chased me through the Bradford streets. The girl who I got up an hour early for, just to have some Yorshire with on this very bridge. She was also the girl I once loved. Once upon a time..long long ago, before the X-Factor. Before the fame...

I see her looking down and I just want her to talk me. I want to know why were reunited in this uncomfortable situation..I think back to the first time we met. Which was also uncomfortable, but in an entirely different way.


I was walking home from the worst day of school I've ever encountered. My teacher had called me out on several accounts for drawing. I just couldn't concentrate though, I was worried about the play auditions, and drawing calmed me. That was not the worst though, the teasing afterwards was.

I was naturally picked on relentlessly for being the shy guy, but the teacher calling me out only made it worse. I was just honestly happy to be going home. I sighed and walked across the bridge with my head down. I was deep in thought about the bullying. I quite honestly didn't understand why they had to be so mean to me for not talking as much as them! It was just mean and immature.

I continued walking mentally ranting on about the boys at school when I felt someone brush passed me. As soon as we made contact, I felt the weirdest electric shock. Not a painful shock, but a strange, wonderful one. The feeling was foreign, but amazing.

I looked back at the distributor of the feeling and noticed it was a girl. A very beautiful girl, and she was staring back at me with the most beautiful brown eyes. Her long, bleach blonde hair flowed down her shoulders, framing her heart-shaped face. Bottom line, she made my heart stop. Literally.

I tried to find the words to say, but my mouth went dry and my knees shook. I looked down embarrassed by my sudden shyness. I looked up to see her smiling at me as she pulled something out if her pocket and handed it to me. "You look like you need it," she said to me walking away before I could even thank her. I looked down to see a small piece of gum, I laughed and popped it in my mouth hoping to see the girl again.

-flashback end-

Right now we're just staring open mouthed at each other. She starts to put her head and hide her face, I want her to look up at me so I can make her feel better. I haven't forgotten her since I became famous, quite frankly I've missed her more than words can express. She was my best mate, my love.

"Erica? I know it's you. Stop trying to hide. Just talk to me," I say softly and slowly, hoping that she's calmed down a bit. She just looks up at me tears streaming down her beautiful face, shaking her petite head. "Please?" I almost beg her. She just continues to try and walk past me, until I do the only thing I can think of to maybe get her to talk.

Erica's POV

As I'm hearing Zayn beg me to speak I am a huge mess of confusion. I'm so happy to see him again it's been about two years. Yet, I'm so angry with him for ruining my escape from my terrible life. Then of course there was the usual depression I always felt. It was just a big mess of unwanted emotions. Especially when I didn't want to feel anything at all.

"If you're not going to talk to me at least take this piece of gum, you look like you need it," Zayn said offering a stick of gum. I stared at the stick of gum and the first time we met came rushing back to my mind.

I was casually walking home from a drab and boring day at school. I spotted a lad walking towards me and he was quite attractive, but something was completely off, he looked very sad. I wanted to talk to him, but could not find the words. In my nervous state, my hand wandered to my jumper pocket and came upon a stick of gum. A stick of gum...

"You look like you need it," I say pulling it out and handing it to him. When I actually looked at his face, he was even more attractive. With sparkling brown eyes, raven hair, and tan skin. I found myself staring a bit, before I gathered my wits walking away. For the rest of my journey home, I kept wishing to see this mysterious boy again.

-end of flashback-

I smiled a bit sadly to myself and accepted the piece of gum. It did bring me back to the happy, carefree days. Back when it was simple. "So do you want to just catch up a bit with some Yorkshire? Then, if I'm lucky enough maybe you'll grace me with the reason we met under these circumstances?" Zayn questioned, bringing me back. I popped the gum in m mouth, and the minty flavor spread throughout my mouth. I did want to know how life was treating him, and I could use some Yorkshire...before I knew it I found myself nodding my head and following him down the bridge. What was I getting myself into?

~authors note~

So whatcha think? Lemme know in the comment boxes?(: thanks guys! Love you<3

-Ashley(: xx <3
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