Back To the Bridge

*One Direction Love Story*
Erica Hilton was a girl that was so brought down by her past and her present that she didn't even want to know her future.
Zayn Malik was a rising star in the biggest boyband in the world...One Direction.
When Erica goes Back To the Bridge to end it all, and Zayn Malik goes to walk it off, will this chance of fate be enough to keep them together, or end it all?


2. Chapter 1

Erica's POV:

I opened the door and walked into my house after a brisk walk with my friend Stacy. I took off my cheap uncomfortable running shoes and found myself breathing heavily and very thirsty. I walked into my kitchen and grabbed a glass of water. As I was drinking there was a forceful tug on my ponytail.

"Where were you?" He asked angrily. "On a walk with a friend." I whimpered out. "I bet you it was a guy! And I bet you were cheating on me!" "No!" I yelled angrily, why would he think that!?! I am not that kind of person, but he looked so angry and I got scared knowing what he was capable of, so I calmed down, "I was just with Stacy, from down the street." He smacked my cheek, not very hard but still hard. "Don't lie to me bitch!" My eyes burned with tears "I'm not" I said my voice shaky and quite. He didn't say anything in return he just stared at me with so much hatred I was scared that something horrible would happen, but nothing did.

So for awhile I just stood there waiting for something. But eventually I couldn't take his hate glare any longer so I turned towards the stairs I hesitated at first but when nothing happened I assumed I was dismissed and retreated to the bedroom. I tried to take a nap but couldn't get my mind to stop thinking.

So I decided to take a shower. I turned the water on and got in, it was way to hot but it kinda felt good. I massaged some shampoo into my hair and thought: Why do I put up with this? I wish I would just leave. But I have nowhere to go. I'm only eighteen and my parents are..... are gone. The man downstairs, the one who was supposed to take care of me when my family couldn't, the one to love me, the one who was supposed to be my "boyfriend". But no, now he is the one who abuses me, who watches me and who does his best to make sure I don't tell anyone, to make sure I don't see anyone or go anywhere he doesn't want me to. The man who hates me. The dictator who ruins my life. I wish I was still going to college, but with no help from my parents and with me never have making any major purchases, no credit cards, has prevented me from getting any help from the bank. Which means I'm stuck with him forever. Waiting for the day when he takes it to far......

I was huddled up on the shower floor crying, barely breathing tears just falling left and right. I stared at all my bruises and cuts that weren't an accident. The ones he caused me to have. They hurt so bad. Not so much physically but more mentally. I closed my eyes and let the tears continue to fall. I didn't want to get up I couldn't, but I will have too eventually, just not yet. I just sat there in the shower the tears eventually stopped.....

Sooner than I expected at least. But I still didn't want to move so I stayed put until I heard the front door slam he was going out probably to the bar, which means I'm free for just a little while. I got out and dried off. I threw some baggy sweatpants on and a t-shirt, it didn't really matter what I was wearing because I was determined to get some sleep this time.

I laid down and closed my eyes I had a lot of trouble falling asleep, I thought about just giving up but I forced myself to sleep I hadn't slept in days, actually I never really sleep because of...... Bad dreams..... I finally fell asleep.

I'm standing on a bridge. How did I get here? I don't remember anything. I'm climbing onto the railing I can't control myself its as if I'm a robot being controlled by someone else. I look down at the water it is so far down, if I slipped I- well I wouldn't be coming back up. This realization scared me I wanted down. But instead of climbing down I jumped. I screamed at first but stopped. It felt like I was flying like I was a bird that could only go one direction, down. I was falling and falling and falling I felt like it would never stop.

But then, bam! I smacked the water my body shattered but I wasn't dead. I was instead looking down at my crippled body from the bridge. My arm bent in a terrifying way but my face was calm and peaceful..... In a sick way, happy. Happy to never have to live through any torture or any heartbreak or abuse.... Happy to just be gone. In this moment of bliss something strong something forceful, but not fearful pulled me down off the railing, pulling my body from out of the water and pulling me from my sleep.

I jerked awake and almost fell out of bed. I stood up still shaky and shocked. I went to the bathroom and had really bad bags under my eyes. I checked the clock, what felt like an eternity of sleep was really just twenty minutes if sleep. Ugh! Why do I have to be the worlds worst sleeper. Even though I just showered my face felt odd. I scrubbed some pink grapefruit acne wash into my face, I let it stay on for a minute and washed it off. As soon a the water hit my face it clicked.

My dream had made sense! The only way I could ever get out of this torture was suicide. I had to end my life to end the misery. I could end it all. I could be in control for once. Sure I wouldn't experience the real world but hell it wasn't like I was destined to anything great or go to college so I wast going to miss anything. I could be happy! See my parents again, maybe.

Yes suicide was my way out, and it was my only option. I would to it tomorrow. I would jump of the Bradford bridge, tomorrow at noon. It just seems right, it shouldn't but it does.
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