Back To the Bridge

*One Direction Love Story*
Erica Hilton was a girl that was so brought down by her past and her present that she didn't even want to know her future.
Zayn Malik was a rising star in the biggest boyband in the world...One Direction.
When Erica goes Back To the Bridge to end it all, and Zayn Malik goes to walk it off, will this chance of fate be enough to keep them together, or end it all?


6. Authors Note <3

Hey guys! Sorry I've been terrible at uploading lately, but I'm definitely getting back into it! I'm gonna add at least two more chapters to each today...and and...drumroll please...PICKING UP THE PIECES IS GETTING RESTARTED! I'm scrapping it and restarting that! If any of you read that...but, yes! 


Thanks again for reading! It makes me so happy! I love you all so so much! <3


Stay Lovely My Lovelies,

-Ashley(: xx 

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