The Trouble in Cheshire ~Sequel to The New Girl in Cheshire~

It's been 3 months since Niall told Nicole he loved her. She's kept it inside, hidden away from the world. When Harry starts to see that Nicole is hiding something what will happen? Hearts will torn, trust will be broken, lives will be changed, and if nothing else, there will be trouble.


2. "Secrets"

Harry walked in the bedroom looking a bit flustered. "What?" I asked my boyfriend. "Nothing." He said gruffly. I shrugged it off and went back to my book. Harry was throwing around shirts in the drawer looking for something to wear. He seemed very angry. I looked up from my book again. "Haz, what's wrong?" He turned to me red faced. "They know we're together, and they still throw these Larry rumors around. I'm tired of it!" He slightly yelled. I stood up and walked to calm my raging boyfriend. I rested my shoulder on his bare back. "It's okay, baby.  They're just rumors, they'll go away. We'll get through this." I kissed his shoulder blade, soothing his anger. He turned to face me. "Thank you Nicky. I love you." He softly pressed his lips to mine, cupping my cheeks. "I love you, too." We stayed embraced with each other for a short while.

I walked into the kitchen to make dinner. "Hey babe, what do you want to eat?" I yell from across the flat. "Lets get pizza,yeah?" "Sure!" It was fine by me, I didn't have to cook. I ordered a cheese and pepperoni pizza and sat on the couch, awaiting my lover. Harry soon joined me and turned the telly on. "What do you want to watch?" He asked me whilst scrolling through the channels. "Whatever is good with you." I said leaving a kiss on his left cheek. We snuggled up for about 30 minutes before the pizza arrived. I got up and went to the door with my purse. "Hi." I flashed a smile at the middle-aged woman standing at the door. "Hi, that will be 15.75$." I hand her the money in exchange for the warm pizzas. "Thank you, have a good night!" I said to her. She smiled and nodded as she left. I took a deep breath taking in the pizza. I walked in the living room. Harry still sitting, but he was on the phone. I hadn't heard the phone ring. "Yeah, sounds great! I'll see you tomorrow then? Yeah, okay bye!" I looked at him strangely. Who was he talking too? I cleared my throat. "Pizzas here." Harrys head shot up. "Oh, okay." He stumbled as he got up. "Who was that?" I asked Gesturing to his phone with my head. "Lou. He wanted to know if I wanted to see a film with him and Maz. Did you have something planned? I can cancel." He offered attempting to sound like my answer would effect his choice. I shook my head. "No, not really." He nodded and came around to me. He wrapped me in his arms and pulled me close. "You look fantastic with that pizza in your hand." I smiled and turned to face him. "Shut up, Styles." I laughed and walked into the kitchen.

After we ate, we walked to the park. The sun was setting, it was a beautiful evening. I drew a deep breath and took in the scenery. The walk was pretty silent. Harry would point a few things out every now and then, but other than that, not many words were exchanged. I don't know why, but the entire walk, I was envisioning what Niall would be like on a walk date like this. That's been happening a lot lately. Niall has been plaguing my mind. The last time I didn't think about Niall, was the night before he sent me the "I love you" text. He's everywhere, and he needs to leave.  When we got back home it was around 10:30. "Haz, I have work tomorrow. Let's go to bed, yeah?" I offered, but he denied. "Actually, I'm going to have a glass of tea. I'll be in there soon, I promise." He winked and I went to bed, without Harry.


I woke up next to a note.


Maz texted me earlier and said he wanted to catch an early movie. I'll be back before 2pm. I love you so so much. :)

-Hazza xx

I looked at the clock 10am. The cinema doesn't even open until 11. I called Harry 3 times before leaving him a message. I told him I was coming over to Maz's house, then Lou's. I told him I was worried, and he needed to answer the damn phone. Maz's house is only a 10 or 15 minutes away so I got there quick. I knocked on the door. I was shocked at how quickly Maz answered the door. "Maz?!" I asked half angry, half surprised. "W-why aren't you with Haz and Lou?" I questioned him frantically. He slammed the door before he could answer. I knocked again. No answer. After the 20th knock I decided to leave. I basically sped to Lou's house. The door was unlocked, so I barged in trying not to make to much noise. The downstairs was empty. I slowly made my way upstairs. It was scary silent in the house. I heard a throaty chuckle come from the farthest room. "Harry?" I whispered aloud to myself. I walked down to the end of the hallway. I ever so quietly opened the door.

I chocked on a gasp. "H-Harry?" Tears flooded down my face. Harry separated his lips from Louis' lips. His face was a shade of red I'd never known possible. "Nicole, I'm so-." "You said you wanted all the Larry rumors to stop, You told me it wasn't real. Harry, you lied." Then, the realization hit me. "I'm a beard? You're using me so that society thinks you're straight? Harry, how could you?" I could feel myself falling apart. I crouched down on my knees and sobbed. "Nicole, this isn't what it looks like." He lifted my head up to his. "You were kissing another person. You were kissing Louis." I let the words sink into his bones. "Harry, how could you?" My tears were like hurricanes that wouldn't, couldn't be controlled. "You swore you weren't going to hurt me again." I pulled up my sleeves and reminded him of what he had done in the past. "You swore." Harry, now crying, yanked my sleeves down. "I didn't mean to." He almost whispered. "Harry, I think we should.' He didn't let me finish. "We aren't breaking up!" He yelled. He grabbed my hand and forced me off the ground. "I'm not losing you again." He said so pathetically. "You did it once. You were fine. I think you can do it again." I started for the door. He pushed me against the wall. "You aren't leaving. Don't I deserve to explain myself?" He looked in my eyes. "You deserve to explain yourself, but you don't deserve me. It took me 3 years to finally figure out that I am beautiful. And when I figured that out, I also figured out that I deserve the best that I can get, better even. Quite frankly, someone who takes my virginity then acts like nothing happened a day later, lies, and cheats on me, isn't the best. Harry, we're done."I pushed him away from me and walked out. "I'll get you back, you know?" I shook my head. "Sweetheart, you say that, but we both know Tanner won't suffice. You'll be back." God, why was he so cocky? I turned around. "Harry, shut the fuck up." I left with that. When I got to my car I pulled my phone out. I scrolled in my contacts until I found the "N"'s. My phone rang, but only for a literal second, "Hello?" An Irish voice questioned, rather excitedly. "Hey, Niall? It's Nicole. Do you want to hang out, I need to talk."



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