Juliets Confessions

Juliets best friend moves to another city, and keeping in touch through letters, she meets a boy and his friends who become her new friends. Will they fill the empty void for Juliet, and maybe mean more to her than just friends?


5. 5

I stepped out of the shower and rested my elbows on the cold marble counter, pressing my cheeks tightly against the palms of my hand.

Harry's one question played on loop in my head. "Why don't you eat?"

I wondered that too. Why I didn't eat was the mystery question, the golden tootsie pop question not even Mister Owl knew. There was something about nearly anything going down my throat, slimy and warm. Just the thought of it gave me a lurching feeling in my stomach and I could nearly feel my heart race through the tips of my fingers and onto my cheeks. It raced as fast as a racing horse. Every time I ate, eventually I found myself huddled over the cold sink or toilet, everything leaving my stomach back out. My stomach would barrack against the walls of my skin, slamming everything out in some form of vomit. It would worry Brenne, and kids at school made fun of me. I was called bulimic, and on a daily basis.

I was the school nerd. I had wavy hair down past my shoulders. I wore glasses, and I dreaded them more than anything. Out of my friends I never participated in going to the beach or big shopping sprees. I enjoyed the comfort of my house, music playing and curled up with a book- or even a movie some nights. I preferred over thinking situations and asking "what if's." Pot was my only weakness.

I knew cigarettes would kill me, and the taste of them disturbed me. That's where pot comes in handy. It was a soother- a relaxer to me. It was the only thing that helped my mind not become a human machine saw. Twenty four-seven, I was constantly concerned about something; that was until I smoked and became one of the chillest a d calmest people to exist. No worries, nothing worried me. A man could point a gun at me, and stoned I would tell him he was pointing the gun in the wrong direction. It helped me make some of the friends I have- had- now. Brenne was a party animal, and she wanted a hit. We became close through pot, it's funny now that I think of it- and now she's gone.

There was a knock on the door that kicked me out of my dream world.

"Babe, come back to the room, I've got breakfast cooked for you."


"Thanks, I appreciate it."

I can do it, I'll eat it for him. He won't make fun of me if I have to empty my stomach, maybe then he would understand why I don't eat.

"You can come change in the bedroom, I promise I won't check you out." With that comment you could nearly hear the cheeky tone in his voice, the adorable way his dimple would protrude out of his cheek when he smiled. The way his eyes gleamed and smiled themselves, the glistening sparkles showing and shining through the dark rings of emerald green, a back drop of white, all set in one eye. It was perfect. He was perfect.

For him, I'll eat and not let it come back out.

"You're so tiny."

I nodded, pulling the towel tighter to my chest.

"And, you never answered my question."

"Which one?"

"Exactly!" He grabbed my shoulder, helping me keep my balance.

"I hope you know I can see far away."

"Oh? Now tell me. Why don't you eat?"

"I- I don't know."

"When you got high with me you had cravings."

"That's the best way to trick my brain. It's the only way I can eat without- you know what. I'll eat every bite of food you made me. It'll explain everything."

I sat on the bed, still in my towel. "Close your eyes."

I changed into a black tank top and my grey sweatpants.


He smiled and motioned for me to sit in his lap. "Please?"

I nodded.

"Okay, now eat."

I knew what he said wouldn't be that easy. I couldn't just eat. It was more difficult than that. It was a lot more complicated.

"I'll try."

"Don't try, do it."

I nodded slowly, picking up the oversized waffle and tearing it into tiny pieces. I not into it and squeezed my eyes shut, thinking about nothing but how happy and proud Harry would be if I are the entire thing. The hug and kisses he would give me. The feeling of his arms resting on my waist. I needed to know what he would do if I ate it all.

"One bite," I paused and forced myself to finish the tiny piece. "Gone."

He kissed my cheek. "No pressure, baby."

It took forever, but I did it. I smiled and stood up, pulling Harry's hand and taking him off of the bed, hugging him as tight as possible.

"Thank you," I whispered.

"No, you should be thanking yourself. You did it babe, you did it."
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