Juliets Confessions

Juliets best friend moves to another city, and keeping in touch through letters, she meets a boy and his friends who become her new friends. Will they fill the empty void for Juliet, and maybe mean more to her than just friends?


4. 4

You could hear the rattling in my ribs as I tried to breathe properly. His thumb brushed against his own lips and kissed the tip of my nose one last time, another hand messing up my already frizzy and knotted up hair.

"I think you're even cuter when you're like this."

"Why do you think I'm cute?"

There was a long pause. "You seem uncomfortable in your own skin." His hand brushed against my arm. "I just want you to shift into it, spill all your secrets and open up to me."

He laid down and rested his head on the pillow he had been resting on.

"I thought you were really hot when we first met too. I figured you were outgoing and could kick ass and knew it, but you seem opposite. You're fragile and seem so frail and I'm quite scared to hurt you if I'm too rough and pushy. Your eyes are so gorgeous and they're hiding back secrets I'm dying to know. When you wear your glasses you look so nerdy and it makes me want to pull you into my arms and kiss every inch of your face but I can't because you aren't rightfully mine. I want to do every naughty thing in the book with you. I want to get noise complaints from our actions the night before. I want to wrap my arm around your waist every single night and sing you to sleep just by humming your favorite song off key. You're more than pretty. You're beautiful."

He sat up once again and pushed on my shoulder lightly, my back hitting the mattress and his hands on either side of my head. Pulling the blanket over us he buried his head in the crook of my neck, biting it softly.

"Be mine, Juliet! I'll be your Romeo, Nicholas Sparks can write a book about us! It can be called 'Curls and the Book Worm." Just please, Juliet! Say yes, that's all I'm asking." His voice trailed off. "Please, say yes.."

I sat up, taking him and the blanket with us. I wrapped us up and hooked onto him, wrapping my legs around his waist again.

"Were a burrito," I laughed, my vision fading in and out. "And you're too close to me, I can't see. I'm farsighted, ya'know."

"Kiss me, then you'll get your glasses."

I shut my eyes, frustrated, and leaned forward, our noses bumping into each other. I kissed him lightly, but we fell backwards so I was now hovering over him. "Glasses. Now."

He chuckled and pecked my lips. "You never said yes or no."

"Yes, yes! Yes, Harry. I'll be your girlfriend. Okay? Now glasses." My hand met his chest and I forced the most distance between us possible, still constrained tightly by the sheet keeping us together.

"No, stay here and be blind. Let's be cute and cuddle."
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