Juliets Confessions

Juliets best friend moves to another city, and keeping in touch through letters, she meets a boy and his friends who become her new friends. Will they fill the empty void for Juliet, and maybe mean more to her than just friends?


3. 3


You can never exactly stop the loud alarm every morning; the pounding in the back of my head when I sit up. There's a groan next to me, one I forgot who it was. Long eyelashes blink, showing a pair of emerald green eyes looking up at me.

I smiled to myself, the tiny apartment aloud Harry to comfortably sleep in my bed next to me. He refused to let me take the couch, he begged me to stay by his side. I was glad too, the nightmares had finally gone away for one night.

It was the first morning there wasn't a lurching feeling in my stomach, one that held me tightly against the bed mattress that forbidded me from leaving the soft cushiony sheets and fort of pillows. It was the feeling of realization I was in fact awake, not asleep with any worries. The night terrors that raced through my mind night after night reminded me why I never wanted to leave my house. They told me how much of a terrible person I was. And I knew every mistake in my life could all be blamed on myself. Mistakes never helped me become a better person, they just made my mental terrors add on to my endless list of fears. Waking up was a fear. Today was different.

"What's wrong?"

"Nothing." It was true, normally nothing was ever wrong. I would panic over little things that were meaningless.

"Should I make breakfast?"

I grabbed his wrist before he could even move. "I don't eat, don't worry about me."

His eyes widened. "Why don't you eat?"

I shook my head. "Nothing I just- never mind."

"What were you going to say?"

Nobody ever wanted to know what I was going to say, this was the first. I didn't know what to do. He stared at me and I stared back at him. No words were said, but it seemed like he was trying to read my mind.

"You're really pretty, does that sound childish?"

I shook my head.

"Have you ever had your first kiss?"

I thought back to when his friend kissed me. "It was when your friend forced me into it."

"So that's a no."

I nodded. Where was he trying to get with this?

"Can I be your first kiss?"

I nodded again.

"Come here."

I moved so close my knees touched the side of his chest. He sat up and pulled me into his lap. "Just follow my lead," he whispered, pressing his forehead against mine. I tried to nod, but he grabbed my chin so I couldn't. "Hold still," he whispered again. I tried to make the words come out, but I couldn't. my throat was dry and my heart was beating so fast I could barely see straight.

"On the count of three, lean foreword, ready?"

He kissed my neck. "Three."

Then his hands found his way around my waist. "Two."

Finally, his lips ghosted against mine, lingering there for another second. "One."
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