Juliets Confessions

Juliets best friend moves to another city, and keeping in touch through letters, she meets a boy and his friends who become her new friends. Will they fill the empty void for Juliet, and maybe mean more to her than just friends?


1. 1

I thought back of the events that happened this last week. Under my breath, I listed them. "Alright, you told Sarah she was a backtabbing bitch. Check." I was making a mental checklist at this point. "Made a new- a new friend. Check." I sighed and smiled to myself, thinking about the boy who I met three days ago. "Write Brenne a letter. Dammit I have to do that."

I got up off the bed and walked over to my cabinet, the dead silence of my house breaking when the squeaky pantry hinges opened as I took out a large stack of papers.

I sat them on the bed and sat back down, laying on my stomach and crossing my ankles in the air. I assumed Brenna was mad at me; she had every reason to. Before she left, I threw a house party. I had invited my two best friends, her and Sarah. I knew Brenna liked this guy, who's name was Brent. Brent was one of the hottest guys in high school, and after graduation Brenna got his number and they stayed in touch. Sarah made out with Brent at my party in the bathroom, and I walked in with Brenna on my heels seeing the scene.

She seemed so upset when we said our last goodbyes, but she did seem really mad about what happened between Sarah and Brent.

When she was gone I was upset and I spent most of my time wandering downtown and listening to music. It was awful, until I ran into Brent.

-last week-

The wind blew and nudged me to the right, and I fought it off walking down the sidewalk. I wanted to go get a new book, I had finished the huge stack that had boring books; the only decent one being Catcher In The Rye.

Shoving my hands in my jacket pocket, I closed my eyes and pushed my glasses up to sit better on my nose. Oh how I couldn't wait to get contacts next week. The thick frame and cold metal nose band upset me; I always felt like the biggest nerd in them.

With my eyes still shut, I walked up and into someone. "Shit," I said under my breath. "Jewel?" I looked up at the person who gave me that tacky nickname. He thought it was cheesy, not liking my full name for his hatred of "ye old Shakespeare." The boy I bumped into was Brent. Two days ago I had caught him swapping spit with the girl who I thought I trusted. But now? It just seemed so pointless. "Hey Brent, who's the girl?" I stood on my tippy toes, his massive height blocking my view of whoever was running up behind him.

There wasn't only one boy behind him, but in fact five. I looked at them all and smiled. "I'm Harry, and these are my friends." He jokingly shoved Brent out of the way so I could see all five of them. "We were just gonna go smoke, if you'd care to join us." The tannest of the boys locked eye contact with me, and I shook my head. "Cigarettes aren't my thing, sorry." He smiled-nearly smirked- and chuckled a little. "Oh no, not cigarettes." I looked at him confused and all of them were laughing. "Just come with us sweetheart, I promise we'll take care of you."


I felt really bad that day. I made all of Brents friends ditch him, and now I haven't gone a day without seeing at least one of them.

I knew their names like the back of my hand. There's Niall. He's funny, but I don't really talk to him. When I smoked with Zayn and Harry, Niall tagged along. I guess I was high, I'm not sure what exactly they gave me. I just felt really light headed and craved fries. Niall didn't do anything, he just stood back and talked to Zayn. But I remember one thing: he kissed me. I don't want to talk to him in all honesty.

I shoved aside the paper headed: "Dear Brenna." It became scratch paper now; spirals and a poorly drawn dead tree scrawled all across the paper. 

I sighed and heard the patter of tiny footsteps on the linoleum floor. All I could think about was Harry and applying for college. I loved his eyes, the way the emerald green glistened in the sun, his dimple protruding every time he smiled. He was the last thing on my mind, and I picked up my phone unlocking it. One new message: Harry. "Goodnight, xx -H"
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