I love you more.

Astoria is sophmore at Cornell University, and shes going on a year of broad in Venice Italy. When shes drawn to a certain guy at a bar... She dosent know what she is in for. That in a matter of weeks, she will be in love with this man. Read this story, and go on Niall and Astoria's 2 week adventure to get 20K- "or else."


1. Goodbye

I grip his hand right. "Listen, Horan," the guy spits in his face. "I want the 20 grand in two weeks. Or else. " With one last blow to Nialls face, he storms out. I jump to Nialls aid, wiping blood off with my thumb. He smirks. "Well, Storie, i guess our little adventure starts now."

*2 weeks earlier*
"Im gonna miss you, dad," I cry into my dads shoulder. He smiles and holds my hand. "Call me when you get there, Storie. And remember, be careful." I laugh at his overprotectiveness. Him and my brother Ben have been this way since my mum left us. "I will. I love you, dad," I say, walking into the tunnel to board the plane. He waves. I cant help but notice how different he is from before my mum left. He was happy. We used to sing songs together... not that we do that anymore. He just looks so... broken.
"Captain speaking. We should arrive in Venice in 2 hours." I wake up, my throat dry. Some other kids in my classes at Cornell are going, too. Im going on a year of broad to Venice- i couldn't wait until i could try something new. One of my friends, Liza, is also going to Venice, but on a different flight. I check my phone. 9:42 pm, September 22, 2017. suddenly my phone rings, playing my favorite song, forever young. "Incoming call from: BEN." I sigh. My older brother, Ben, is VERY over protective. I answer. "Hey," I say. "Hey," he says back. "Just calling to say hey," I laugh. "Oh, really? I didnt know!" We both laugh, and he gets serious. "Astoria, i just wanted to say... you should have fun. Dont worry about me or dad. Im gonna check in on him a lot." I could tell he was serious because he called me "Astoria" and not my nickname, "Storie." "Ok, Ben. Thank you, for.. always being here for me." I can hear him smile through the phone. "You're welcome, Storie. Bye." And before i know it, im asleep again, awaiting things i never new possible.
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