Starting all over again

Two weeks earlier: What are you gonna do after graduation jennet? I don't know I really want to travel. What about you destiny? I want to travel also, but I wanna go somewhere I've never been before. What about going to Monte carlo? Nah what about london? Alright sounds good I'll buy three plane tickets and after graduation we can leave.


2. Graduationday

We are thirty seconds away from graduating are you guys ready.yup. Valvictorian katrice Robinson(me)i was the last one they called in the groupso we left i kissed ricky than we took off in my graduation present a brand new navigator . On the way to the airport there was a accident so we were delayed good thing wewere a hour early so the police cleared every thing so everyonecould leave.

Jennets P.O.V

thank god kat planned a head of time  its time to board our flight i cant belive im going to london the place were 4/5of one direction is from. I took my seat an while i was walking i saw a guy that looked like zayn malik but im not to sure he was looking at kat so i couldnt tell. 

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