Starting all over again

Two weeks earlier: What are you gonna do after graduation jennet? I don't know I really want to travel. What about you destiny? I want to travel also, but I wanna go somewhere I've never been before. What about going to Monte carlo? Nah what about london? Alright sounds good I'll buy three plane tickets and after graduation we can leave.


3. Bumpie ride

Kat's P.O.V

We were in the air Jen & destiny were sleep on the way to the bath room i run into Louise tomlinson turnes out jen was right one direcion was on the plane i didnt even goto the bath room i just went back to my seat destiny asked if i was ok she said i looked like i had seen a ghost but she let it go and i had the same expression on my face then jennet woke up, my expression changed. I told her who i saw and she had a blank stare, Louis heard me say his name and he looked over the seat and jenns face went pale and blank she coulnt speak.

jennets P.O.V

What should i say i know i looked stupid with this expression  on my face.Then to make it worse but in the best way possible harry and liam pops there heads up and i just passed out i suddenly just felt tiered

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