Surviving the Training

These children live in a world where kids are hated, until they were eighteen years old they were kept in facilities and trained to be model citizens and brainwashed to follow The Organization no matter what... Assuming they survive the eighteen years of training. Follow the 10 friends Rosemary, Micah, Jerome, Margory, Atticus, Delilah, Reena, November, Titus, and Dex to see who makes it out....


1. Rosemary

Dear Diary,
This is Rosemary. I am 14 years old, white with natuarally blonde, big curly hair. I am in the Artimus quadrant with my other friends who will be writing in this. There are thirty people to a quadrant, all named after the old Greek and Roman gods, but the ten of us are best friends. The other kids don't pay much attention to us even though as we are a quadrant we travel as a pack to all of the same classes. My friends are Micah, Delilah, Atticus, Reema, Jerome, Margory, November, Titus and Dex but they'll explain themselves when it's their turn to write in this diary. Or journal as Titus wants to call it, he thinks "diary" is too girly. I might as well tell you what we are all doing here since I'm first. Well basically a long time ago the government decided to attempt get rid of crime and wrongdoing so they created the quadrants in each city to house all of the children starting at birth. Each quadrant holds anywhere from 10-100 kids each depending on how big the city is and are all named after the same gods. We are taught about The Organization and how to be good and stuff. It's all pretty boring but I guess some people need it *cough Atticus cough Dex*. They are going to hate me when they read this but oh well! We have all agreed not to change anything anybody else has wrote. That way when someone reads it they'll know exactly what we all thought of everything.
And just so everybody knows we ARE NOT TO TELL ANYBODY ABOUT THIS DIARY. We shouldn't even talk about it while in our rooms because of the bugs and they could hear about it and take it away from us. All communication about the diary can be at the end of the entries. This could be counted as some kind of contraband.
- Rosemary
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