Surviving the Training

These children live in a world where kids are hated, until they were eighteen years old they were kept in facilities and trained to be model citizens and brainwashed to follow The Organization no matter what... Assuming they survive the eighteen years of training. Follow the 10 friends Rosemary, Micah, Jerome, Margory, Atticus, Delilah, Reena, November, Titus, and Dex to see who makes it out....


2. Micah

So hey I'm Micah. I am Hispanic and 15 years old. I'm about 5'11 and about 150 pounds. My bestest friend in the whole quadrant is Margory. We have been friends for as long as I can remember. Most of us had one or two friends when we were little but we eventually met each other through our friends. Like Reema, November and Dex were all friends but then Reema started dating Titus for a little while when they were both twelve. And Titus is best friends with Atticus and Atticus made friends with Delilah who was friends with Rosemary. And finally after a while Dex and Atticus became really good friends, and them being their troublesome selves, started messing with Jerome but eventually came to the realization that he wasn't so bad and now the three of them are like the three musketeers. We read that in our English class and the other seven of us immediately looked at those three when we were told what the book was about. Rosemary and Delilah started laughing and the whole quadrant thought they were weird. Which they are but we all know that already. We've known for as long as the ten of us have been friends. Well that's my explanation of how we are all friends.

Ok so about this whole diary thing, are we going to go in order or just whoever has something to say?? Because if it's by whoever has something to say, Reema's gonna hog it all the time. Just sayin'
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