Hate, Trust, and Jessica

Jessica Marks. She's had a lonely life. She's bullied and rejected. In terms, she's Pluto. She has her own little world. Where she's a star and she's liked. But when she figures out she's related to Harry Styles, everything changes and she has to learn to trust again. Because trust is like glass. Once it's broken, it can't be fixed. Only replaced. But when this start to get out of hand and Jessica and the boys are faced with many problems. When Jessica gets. a Valentine's note from one of the boys she's determined to find out which on sent sent it to her. Jessica learns the true meaning of friendship, love, and trust. All with the help of Pluto, friends, and One Direction.


7. Chapter 6


Chapter 6

February 3, 2013 



I wake up to see Niall's face. Well better yet, Niall's sleeping face.  

Um... okay this just got really awkward.

"Niall wake up.'' I whisper. Gosh I hope my breath doesn't stink. That'd be really gross. I cover my mouth.

"Niall wake up," I say through my hand.

"Huh?" He mumbles. "Why is your hand over your mouth.'' He asks, sleepily.

"No reason," I take my hand away from my mouth.


"Niall! Can you make me some spaghetti?" I yell to Niall when we got home.

"I will if you do something for me." Niall replies.

"What's that?" I ask, getting off the couch.

"Well let me make this clear. Something for us," The boys gather around Niall.

"What do you want guys?" I ask them.

"You have to go and spend a day with us." Harry says.

"Doing what?" I ask.

"Just stuff..." Niall starts.

"Like what stuff?" I ask.

"STUFF!" Zayn yells.

"Zayn, don't be so mean," Louis nudges him.

"Well. Don't ask stupid questions," Zayn walks to the car.

"What crawled up his butt?" I mutter.

"Zayn's-" Niall starts.

"No." Harry plainly says. Placing his hand on his shoulder

"Hey Jessica, where were you this morning?" Harry asks.

"Um..." I look to Niall.

"She went with me to my 'special place.' Well more like she followed me there." Niall says.

"What? You mean Nando's?" Harry asks

"Did you guys not read my note?" Niall says.

"You left a note?"

Niall sighs. "I need a potato." He says.

"As long as I can have one." I run to the fridge.

I toss him a potato and grab myself one.

"Alright Jess g-" I cut Harry off.

"It's just Jessica. Not Jess." I tell him.

"Oh sorry, JESSICA. Go get a bathing suit." Harry says.

"Why?" I ask them.

"You'll see," Harry smirks.

Oh no. This cannot be good.


"No peeking!" Harry says.

"I'm not!" I tell him.

"Niall! Chew with your mouth closed!" Harry shouts.

"Morry," Niall says. His face stuffed with food.

I had my bathing suit on under my clothes. I didn't know what the boys looked like. They blind folded me.

"Alright. We're here," Harry announces. Taking my blindfold off.

A beach? Typical them.

"Love, you go ahead and change into your bathing suit,'' Louis says as he makes his way to the trunk of the car.

"It's Jessica. Not Love." I tell him.

"I dont care if your name is Billy Bob Joe Bob Ferguson Son of Carrot Face the Third. I'm gonna call you Love" Louis says. "Day that three times fast."

"BillyBobJoeBobFergusonSonofCarrotFaceTheThird, BillyBobJoeBilly. Ug!" I make an attempt.

I storm off to the bathrooms. Aye! A family bathroom. Haven't been in one of those in a while. I open the door and climb in. I strip of my clothes. Revealing my bathing suit.

It's a bikini. I don't like bikinis at all. But this is the only thing Jean packed for me. Why Jean? Why? I look absolutely ugly! Maybe I'll just wait here for a while.




"She's been in there for a while," "Harry says. "Do you think we should get her?"

"Maybe she didn't like her bathing suit." Liam says.

"You don't think," Harry says.

"Maybe," Louis says.

"But," I tell them.

"What are you guys talking about!" Liam shouts.

"Maybe she's insecure Liam!" Zayn yells. "That's what they meant!"

Gosh. He has to get off his attitude. I mean just because- hey stop listening to my thoughts. You people can't know this yet.



What am I gonna do now? Just stand here looking in the mirror. Maybe I can splash water on myself make it feel like I'm at that beach. The boys are probably enjoying it without me. Good. They finally have a day that I can't rain on their parade. Well maybe Zayn can.

The door opens. Dang it! Why didn't I lock the door!

"You're insecure. Don't know what for. You're turning heads when ya walk through the door. Don't need makeup, to cover up. Being the way that ya are is enough." Liam sings.

"Everyone else in the room can see it. Everyone else but you." Harry sings.

"Baby you light up my world like no body else! The way that you flip your hair gets me over whelmed. But when you smile at the ground it ain't hard to tell. You don't know you don't know you beautiful! Oh oh oh! That's what makes you beautiful!"

They each hold out one of their hands and shake them. They smile. Well not Zayn. What's his problem? He was fine the other day. Why is he all pouty today?

"You look great." Harry says.

"So don't be insecure or we'll sing that song again. And we'll make ourselves sound tone deaf." Liam say. The boys nod in agreement.

"Now lets go!" Niall charges for the beach.

I follow him. Tackling him to the water.

"What was that for?" He asks me.

"For not making me that spaghetti." I giggle at him.


"Oh I will. Don't worry." He says. I just laugh at him.

Harry comes from behind me and tackles me off Niall. I roll out from under Harry.

I look off across the beach and see Zayn sitting alone. I walk over to where he is and sit beside him.

"What's wrong Zayn?" I ask him.

He doesn't reply. He just stares off into the sky. I clear my throat.

"What's wrong Zayn?" I ask again.

"Just go away!" He yells at me.


Another flash back comes back to me.

"Get out of my room!" Harry yelled at me.

"But Harry I-" I started.

"Just go away! Can't you see you've already done enough!?" He yelled at me as he rubbed some dirt off his shirt.

"I was just gonna say I'm sorry!" I screamed as I ran to my room.

~End of flashback~

I feel tears threatening to come. Thanks Zayn! If not for you I wouldn't have a reason to cry! Despite my attempt to stop them, the tears stream down my face..

"No don't cry. You'll make me cry." Zayn softens up a bit as he turns to me.

Harry walks over to where we were. He sees that I'm crying.

"Hey Potato, don't cry. Zayn what did you?" Harry says.

"Don't call me Potato," I tell him. "It's kinda you're fault I'm crying too ya know? If you weren't so mean to me when I was little I wouldn't be like this!"

I run back to the bathrooms. I need a Horan-Hug right now.



"What did you do?" I ask Harry.

"I don't know." Harry replies.

He knocks on the bathroom door. 

"What did I do?" Harry asks Jessica.

"Just go away!" She yells.

"Here Niall. She likes you. You go talk to her." Harry pushes me in the bathroom.

"Me? It's Zayn's fault!" I argue with him.

But it's too late and they close the door.

"Um... Jessica?"

"What do you want?" She says.

"It's Niall." I tell him.

She runs up from wherever it is she was and hugs me.

"I needed a Horan-Hug." She says

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