Hate, Trust, and Jessica

Jessica Marks. She's had a lonely life. She's bullied and rejected. In terms, she's Pluto. She has her own little world. Where she's a star and she's liked. But when she figures out she's related to Harry Styles, everything changes and she has to learn to trust again. Because trust is like glass. Once it's broken, it can't be fixed. Only replaced. But when this start to get out of hand and Jessica and the boys are faced with many problems. When Jessica gets. a Valentine's note from one of the boys she's determined to find out which on sent sent it to her. Jessica learns the true meaning of friendship, love, and trust. All with the help of Pluto, friends, and One Direction.


5. Chapter 4


Chapter 4

February 1, 2013 


Lightning cracks in the sky as I approach the school building. I pull my hoodie tighter over my head.

"What's up Potato?" Mark says.

"The cloudy sky." I reply. Looking down at my feet.

Can't this day just end already?

I sit in class. Staring at the white board. I look at the window. The rain is pouring down and the trees are blowing violently in the wind.  

The classroom doors burst open.

"There had been a hurricane warning. All students must go home." The person at the door says.

"All right students. Pack your stuff and go home." My teacher says.



The wind teases my jacket as I make my way to the boys' house.

I open the door. It slams shut behind me. It wasn't this bad earlier.

"Ya miss us all ready?" Harry asks hopefully.

"No there's been a hurricane warning. Dot you guys ever watch the news?" I reply.

"We would but we have better things to watch." Harry says.

"Like what?" I throw at him.

"Spongebob." He says. Turing his attention to the TV.

I hear the siren going off outside.

"Guys we should go to a basement or something." I tell them.

"Nah. We're fine." Harry says.

"I don't k-" the rain starts to pelt the house as it turns to hail.

I hear a something that sounds like a train whistle.

"Guys. I'm getting scared." I tell them. I've never liked storms.

"Alright lets go to the basement." Harry says hurriedly.

We quickly run to the door and to the basement. The wind picks up my coat and carries it away. I reach for it but the wind carries it out of my grasp. I reach for the note that falls out of the pocket.

The wind picks me up. I grab onto the basement door.

"Help!" I scream. The pulls at my hair.

Niall reaches out his hand. "Grab my hand!" He yells.

"I can't!" I yell.

"You have to!" He yells back.

I look at the note in my hand. The only memory I have left from my dad.

"I'm sorry dad," I whisper. I let the note slip from my hand and grab on to Niall's.

He drags me in the basement and pulls me to his chest. He grabs onto me tightly. As if protecting me. I close my eyes. We slam to the ground. Niall took most of the blow. The door slams closed behind us.

Harry and the rest of the boys gather around us.



I suddenly felt protective over Jessica at the moment. It was as if Harry and I traded places and I was Jessica's brother. We almost lost her in that hurricane

That wouldn't have been good. I wonder why she couldn't grab my hand at first. I saw her let go of something and mutter a few words.

"Niall, you can let go of me now." Jessica says.

"Oh right," I feel my cheeks go red as I let her go.

I had forgotten I was still holding onto her. She sits down next to Harry.

I cough awkwardly. "You alright?" I ask Jessica.

"I'm fine. Are you?" She asks.

"I'm fine," I reply.


"What are we gonna do?" Harry asks.

"We could play truth or dare again." I suggest.

"Sounds good." Harry says. He turns to Jessica. "You wanna play?" He asks.

"Um... Sure."Jessica says.

"Alright. Liam truth or dare?" Harry asks.

"Dare," Liam says quickly. As if regretting it.

"I dare you to... Tackle Louis. Make sure you knock him down." Harry says.

Liam and Louis both stand up.

"Bring it," Louis taunts him.

Liam runs up to Louis. Louis simply turns out of the way. Sending Liam straight into a wall. 

Liam runs into the wall. He falls to the ground with a satisfying thud.

"Well he probably won't be up for another 3 hours or so." Harry announces.

"Niall. Truth or dare?" Harry asks.

"Dare," I reply.

"I dare you to... hug Jessica?" He says.

"Really?" I raise an eyebrow.

"I've got nothing," Harry says. Throwing his arms up.

I sigh and turn to Jessica. She looks away.

"Do I have to give her a hug?" I ask.

"Yes." He replies simply.



Niall reaches his arms at me. I lean towards him. He wraps his arms around me.

"Make it a long awkward hug." Harry pipes up. Niall sighs.

The hug ends. That was awkward. But somehow I felt empty. Hollow. Like a part of me wanted another hug. It was comforting. Something I haven't felt in a while. I push the thought away.

"Zayn. Truth or dare?" Niall says.

"Dare." Zayn replies.

"Alright. I dare you to not say 'Vas' happening' for a week. Or you have to take off your shirt and pants right in front of the mall." Niall says with a smirk.

"Fine." Zayn grumpily says. "Jessica. Truth or dare?"

"Dare," I reply confidently.

"I dare you to lick Louis's face." He says.

"Ew! No way!" I giggle.

"You have to. I double-dog-dare you." He smirks.

I turn to Louis.  

"Zayn, I'm not doing this." I tell him.

"You HAVE to!" He says.

"But I don't WANT to." I say.

"If she doesn't want to she doesn't want to." Niall says.

"I'll lick your face Louie." Harry pipes in. "Ooo! His face tastes like carrots!"


I finally doze off. Although I wake up in the middle if the night and see that Liam is still in the spot where he was earlier, Louis was curled up next to Harry, Zayn was with Liam, and Niall was laying alone in the middle of the room.

Maybe he wouldn't mind a little company. I scoot towards him and curl up next to him. He places his arm around me. I thought he was asleep.

"Niall? Are you awake?" I whisper.

"Yeah. Why'd ya come over here?" He asks.

"I didn't want to be alone. You probably don't either." I tell him.

"Yah. I was hoping Zayn would come over here but he wanted to stay with Liam." He says.

"I miss the stars." I say.

"I'm sure the storm has calmed. Do you wanna sleep outside?" He asks me.

"I'd like that," I say, getting to my feet. The basement was dark now. We had to put out the candles.

I almost trip over Harry. I grab Niall's hand. Hoping he'll guide me to the basement door better than I could.

When we get outside the basement I look down at our hands. I slowly take my hand away from his. I could feel my cheeks redden.

I lay down in the wet grass next to Niall and stare at the stars. The stars looked better at night than the ones my ceiling. Twinkling in the dark sky. Another memory flashes.

"Twinkle, twinkle, little star," my dad coos.

I giggle and wrap my arms around my neck.

"I love you dad." I snuggle into his neck.

"I love you too baby girl."

~End of flashback~

Why am I just remembering all this?

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