Hate, Trust, and Jessica

Jessica Marks. She's had a lonely life. She's bullied and rejected. In terms, she's Pluto. She has her own little world. Where she's a star and she's liked. But when she figures out she's related to Harry Styles, everything changes and she has to learn to trust again. Because trust is like glass. Once it's broken, it can't be fixed. Only replaced. But when this start to get out of hand and Jessica and the boys are faced with many problems. When Jessica gets. a Valentine's note from one of the boys she's determined to find out which on sent sent it to her. Jessica learns the true meaning of friendship, love, and trust. All with the help of Pluto, friends, and One Direction.


3. Chapter 2


Chapter 2

February Monday

The shrill sound of the alarm clock, wakes me up. I open my eyes to see all the boys huddled around me. They don't know I'm awake yet so I close my eyes in an attempt to listen to their conversation.

"I wish she liked us more," Niall sighs.

"Why? Do you like her or something?" Harry asks.

"No. I just think it's wrong that someone would hate us so much," he replies.

"Yah. I agree with Niall," Louis says.

"Don't worry guys. I'm sure she'll warm up to us. I mean, thousands of girls would kill, just to meet us," Harry says.

"I guess," Louis says.

"Sure I'll warm up to you guys," I say sitting up. "I'm just like every other one of your fans that's had their mom taken away from them because of Mr. Curlyhead over here!"

I stand up, grab my clothes, and stomp to the bathroom. Locking the door behind me. I can't wait to get to school! I strip my pajamas off and hop in the shower.

Once I wash my hair and body, I get back out and slip my clothes on. I brush my hair until it looks decent enough then I put it up in a bun.

"I'm leaving now!" I announce as I grab my backpack and walk out the door.

I hear footsteps behind me as I approach school.

"What do you want Harry?" I ask. Not even looking back.

"It's not Harry. It's Niall," he says.

"What do you want Niall?" I ask. Turning around to look at him.

"I wanted to say that I'm sorry," he says. "For whatever it is that makes you hate me," he looks down and frowns.

"Thanks for the apology. I'm sorry for saying what I did yesterday," I really meant it.

His frown turns to a smile.

"But that doesn't mean I forgive you just yet," I say. He frowns. "You have to earn my trust,"

I walk up to the school building to see Cassie, Mark, and Grace.

"Hey Potatoe!" Mark calls.

Yah my nickname from them is Potatoe, unfortunately. I love potatoes! Mark, Cassie, Grace, and I all met at a camp."My names Jessica and I like potatoes!" I had said.  We've been friends ever since.

"Hi Salad," I reply. Yah that's right. I turn the tables.

I have no concentration today in class. My teacher usually has at least some interesting things to say. But my mind was somewhere else. My mind was back at home. With Jean, Sam and Cassie. Oh and Ripper, my dog.


"Where are we going?" I ask Harry as I hop in the car with the rest of the boys after school.

"Home," Harry replies. "We aren't busy literally everyday,"

Niall pushes my face down.

"Niall! This isn't helping your case at all!" I yell.

"Well do you want to get hate mail?" He asks.

"He's right Jessica. Unless you want hate mail keep your head low," Harry says. "We can't have anyone see you,"

"Oh alright," I reply.

We get back to the house. My phone beeps.

To: Poetatoe

From: Cassie

Where are you?

To: Cassie

From: Poetatoe

Promise me you won't go fan girl on me but, I'm with One Direction.

To: Poetatoe

From: Cassie

Oh. That's cool...


"What are we gonna do!" Harry groans.

"We could play truth or dare," Niall suggests.

"Sounds good," Harry agrees. "What about you Jess,"

"Alright. But I'm not kissing anyone!" I say firmly.

"Alright," Harry says.

We all gather around in a circle and sit down.

"Jessica, truth or dare?" Harry says.

"Dare," I reply.

"Alright, I dare you to... Not many options now um... Tell us an embarrassing nickname," he says.

"Lame," Niall mutters.

"Poetatoe," I say. "Okay now, Liam, truth or dare?"

"Truth," he replies.

"Alright wussy, is it true that, yah I've got nothing." I say. "I don't even know you guys!"

"Well, Nando's is Niall's favorite restaurant. We'll take you there and we can get to know each other," Harry says.

"Sounds good to me!" I exclaim.


"So what's your favorite color?" Niall asks.

"Green," I answer.

"Oh! That's my favorite color too!" He exclaims.

"Great," I mutter.

You know it's really hard to hate people that you're always around.

The bell on the door tells me that someone has entered the restaurant.

I turn around and see Snelly. The meanest, most rotten, stuck up, selfish, you know her name says it all. She's my bully. And don't say you don't have a bully. Nobody's that perfect. 

"Guys lets go. Now!" I rush the boys out the door. Lord only knows what might've happened if we stayed!

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