Broken Rule

Listen closely, don’t move, don’t breathe, and stay completely still. Now as you listen into my story keep in mind I’m a killer. Gray Co. has made me this way. Took me in when I was 16 thought I had the guts to be an unknown killing machine. They mold me into these different characters, assign me with new names and personalities. This mission is top secret, and highly dangerous. My goal is to rescue a mega-star from total destruction. No strings attached, but my only rule has been broken by the famous Harry Styles.


3. Anchovies

Once in the kitchen i quickly spotted the pizza box, i opened it and investigated the pizza. "Ewww, who likes anchovies and mushrooms?!" I asked looking at the boys who were stuffing there face. Harry had a mushroom on the side of his face giving me the clue that he was the one that liked the combination. "What's wrong with anchovies?" He asked while removing the mushroom from his face. My face crinkled in disgust. "It has a horrible taste and it ruins the whole pizza." 

Both Louis and Harry started laughing, i could feel the anger start to rise in my chest. "I'll just have a fucking bowl of cereal then!" I shouted and looked through the cabinets trying to find a bowl and some cereal. "Bowls are in the cabinet closet to the fridge, and cereal is in the pantry to your left, spoons are in the drawer next to the sink." Harry instructed me as i found all the supplies i would need. 

After i had a bowl full of Crunchy Nut Cornflakes i sat in the bar stool next to Harry. I began to eat straight away. "So what do you want to watch a movie after we eat?" Harry asked after i got a spoonful in my mouth. Barely audible i answered with a fine by me. 

It didn't take me long to finish my bowl of cereal, so soon i was sat on the couch waiting for Louis to decide on a movie. I couldn't see the movie selections so giving up on trying to see what Louis was deciding on i flicked my gaze around the room. Their living room was like any other living room it had a T.V. and a couch bu there was also some toys scattered around the floor. Most of the toys were Nerf guns and sling shots but there was a teddy bear laying close to the bookshelf opposite of me. 

"Whose Teddy Weddy, is laying on the floor collecting dust?" I teased in a playful way hoping to receive a reaction. Harry looked at me with widen eyes. "Um, well my grandma gave that to me when i was young but i don't know why it's laying on the floor." Louis chuckled and turned to me. "He likes to have tea parties and also snuggles with it when he sleeps. 

Harry's face reddened and he punched Louis in the shoulder. "Ow!" Louis yelped as he rubbed his shoulder. "Well, because of that we are going to watch...pause for dramatic effect, Women in Black!" My jumped and my breathing hitched, even though i'm a secret agent horror movies still scare the crap out of me.

"Well, i'm exhausted so i think i'll hit the hay." Standing i yawned then tried to leave the room. "Wait, the movie hasn't even started yet... wait, don't tell me your afraid of horror movies." Harry teased. Great, i was trapped if i don't watch this scary movie then he'll think i'm weak, but if i do watch it i won't be able to sleep. Giving up i sighed then sat in between Louis and Harry with only a measly couch pillow for protection. 

10 minutes into the movie i was starting to think that it wasn't that bad and maybe I've just been scared for no reason. Thinking to soon the women in back popped on the screen making me scream and jump. I scrambled for something to hold but all i had was the pillow, so with that i covered my eyes. When my heart beat calmed down and the music on the movie subsided i slowly removed the pillow to where i could see the screen. 

I glanced at Harry and Louis, i guess they decided to ignore my sudden terror. With their eyes glued to the screen i returned my eyes there as well. 

It wasn't long until the next terrifying part came into play. This time it was intensified. The women in black was behind Daniel Radcliff, and then it zoomed to her face then she suddenly started screaming like Bloody Mary. Screaming and without thinking i dug my face into Harry's shoulder, covering my ears with the pillow.

Surprised by my reaction he tensed up. The screaming continued as i dug my face deeper into him. He shifted around then i felt a strong arm wrap around me pulling me closer and made my face fall to his chest.  His palm rubbed circles into my back trying to soothe me. 

A warm feeling sprang through my body... wait. I sat up straight realizing what was happening. "Well i ought to get to bed, goodnight boys!" I said quickly as i left the room. Louis mumbled goodnight while Harry stayed silent with his eyes fixed on me. 

It took me 2 seconds to peel my eyes from his and to walk towards my bedroom i'd be staying in. Even though my back was turned i could still feel Harry's eyes on me, but once again i ignored it. 

I lied in bed willing for sleep to come but no such luck. 2 hours had past and still no sleep. Sighing i lifted the duvet off of me and headed to the kitchen for a glass of water. 

"There's something about her, that's just so beautiful but slightly dangerous." I could hear Harry's rough voice coming from the kitchen. I darted behind a wall intrigued with what he was saying. Only Harry's voice could be heard from the kitchen which meant he was either insane or on the phone. I went with the second choice.

"I know... I'm being a gentleman... Yes Bradley, I'm keeping it in my pants." A low chuckle came from kitchen, obviously belonging to Harry. a smile played across my lips as i found the perfect time to make my presence known. I walked sleepily into the kitchen and grabbed a glass of water, waiting for Harry's reaction. 

He said bye to "Bradley" And slid his phone in his pocket as soon as he saw me. "Um...What are you doing up so late?" Harry asked me. I shrugged, "Couldn't sleep, thought a glass of water would help." Drinking the rest of my water i rinsed my cup out and put it in the dishwasher. "I should probably get some rest, i'll see you in the morning, Stella" Harry slightly waved and then exited the kitchen. I waited til i heard his door shut before i escaped back to my room. It was then i let myself crash onto the bed suddenly exhausted. Sleep came as soon as i closed my eyes. 

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