Meet me in the meadows

Macy has had nothing but heartache throughout her young life her both her parents being killed whilst she was a baby but when Macy life takes a turn for the worse she neets Niall and her world is turned upside down. But will this destroy her or make her stronger


3. Shit

Niall's POV

09:35pm Soho London

"Louis oh for god sake Louis get off the nice man he is only try to sell Car"

"CARROTS" Louis screamed grabbing hold of the man and pulling his sack of carrots out of his hand and devourering them

"Oh god Louis grow up, Im so sorry if you write your name and adress down we can send over soom compensation" Niall walked up to the man and handed him a white card with a name and an adress on it, "Louis come along we really have to be going we're late already for the the interview" Niall told Louis as he pulled louis down the street over to a large glass building.

"Niall look up" Harry shouted from across the street, Niall turned to look upwards and saw a young girl falling from the roof off the building

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