Meet me in the meadows

Macy has had nothing but heartache throughout her young life her both her parents being killed whilst she was a baby but when Macy life takes a turn for the worse she neets Niall and her world is turned upside down. But will this destroy her or make her stronger


2. first impressions

Macy's pov

"Macy come on Ben is gonna be here any minute and your not even ready its your 1year anniversary for goddess so hurry up and pick a dress" Jenna sat on the edge of Macy bed looking at macy with utter dispear in her eyes.

"i'm so not sure what um what about the blue one with the silk bodice or the black one, urgh i don't know" Macy stood in her walk in wardrobe holding up two dresses

Jenna looked at the two and pointed at the black one "The black one is super cute and Ben will absolutly love it"

"You think i really want this night to go smoothly I love Ben so much and really want to be with him"Macy sighed and slid the black dress on "Ok so black heels or red and black heels" Macy helded the two pairs up to the light

Jenna looked from shoe to shoe "Um the blacks ones oh and take the silver clutch, and your  silver locket with give the whole outfit an amazing feel,

"Lets go or you'll be late again" Jenna stood by the door looking at her watch

"Ok im ready lets go"Macy squealed as she walked out of door she closed it behind and stepped into the car the next 10 minute went in a blur "Omg im here bye Jenna ill call ou tomorrow and i'll tell you all about it" Macy waved to Jenna as she walked in through the doors of the restuarant she saw ben in the booth at the back of the restuarant Ben she thought as walked through she was nearly there when she saw Bianca Tomason sat on Bens lap and they kissed his hand went up her back everything just stopped "Wait how could you" Macy screamed at Ben "I cant believe you, you, you, you bitch how could you do this to me" With that Macy slapped him right accross the face.

Ben's pov

'I can't believe the bitch had the nerve to slap me how could she scream at me. I've been patient with her helped her through her family  troubles and yet what do i get no thatnks and now i've got he gorgeus Bianca so fuck off macy go tell your sob story to someone else see if i care.'

Macy's pov

'I have to get out off this life', macy thought as she an up stairs to the roof top. As she sat up the railings looking down on the world below the lights shinning in her face the hustle and bustle of the streets below seeming to move in slow motion on the ground 'I can't do this i will i will ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh' Macy screamed as her heel caught the side off the wall as she plumeted to the groud she spotted a boy running towards her then everything went black.


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