Meet me in the meadows

Macy has had nothing but heartache throughout her young life her both her parents being killed whilst she was a baby but when Macy life takes a turn for the worse she neets Niall and her world is turned upside down. But will this destroy her or make her stronger


1. Prologue

"Niall please you dont understand" A sixteen year old girl stood opposite nial tears streamed down her face "It isn't what you think. Please please believe me".

Niall looked into Macy's eyes and walked towards her "Macy i trusted you and you threw it back into my face i loved you and you betrayed me just go, leave and don't ever come back." Niall turned his head away from macys eyes

"Niall please dont go" Macy grabbed held off nialls hand and sobbed into it

Niall pulled his hand out off Macy grasp "you made your choice now just leave"

"NAILL" Macy screamed as niall walked into the distance  

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