Break My Heart

It's a love story about how a girl meets Harry Styles. Will he break her heart or be the love of her life?


1. The Cold Outside

Melony's P.O.V.

"WHO WERE YOU WITH LAST NIGHT?!" Michel my boyfriend screamed at me.

"N,n,no one" I said softly.

"Who is that guy that you were with?!" He screamed back

"Just a friend who took me out to dinner cause YOU never take me anywhere" I dared to say to him. Michel is not a good person at all. He was very sweet when I met him but something happened. I don't know what but now he is abusive towards me and screams at me for no reason. He even got kicked out of his apartment because it got in a fight with the landlord. I've tried to break up with him but there is no point to it. It can't be done. Whenever I bring it up he just smacks me and tells me to shut up. I HATE him, I truly do.

"GET OUT!" He screamed at me then smacked me. He hit me and dragged me down the stairs and shoved me out the door and into the cold outside. It was winter around 12 O'clock and it was freezing outside. I had nothing but the clothes on my back. No coat, no boots, no nothing. I was all alone in the cold. I waited for him to come back out and bring me back inside but nothing. Then I saw the blood in the snow. I walked over to a car and looked at the window. In its reflection I saw my beaten up, raw, bloody face. I started to shed a tear, it stung in the raw flesh but I had to be strong. How could I though? I pulled out my phone to call someone for help but then I remembered I had no one. Michel scared off my friends and my family and I lost touch along time ago. I was really alone now. I decided to walk the cold dead streets of England hoping someone would come and help me. It was as dead as space, no light were on and no sound. I fell to my knees out of frustration. I screamed at the top of my lungs but nothing. No one cam to help, no one. I finally crawled to the side of an old bakery. I sat there all alone in the cold with my tear stained face pressed up against the cool brick. Just then a light snow fell from the dark gray sky and filled the air. I drifted off to a deep sleep not knowing what the next night would hold.

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