A Question.

A Harry fanfic.


2. The Story Begins


“The title of this book is Bella’s Life:”

Every night I lie in bed thinking about my life, what’s happened yesterday, today, and what is going to happen tomorrow.  On this tomorrow, I’m going to London for a semester abroad for my college. I am in art school studying to become a fashion designer. However, I have to wake up in six hours so I figure I should fall asleep now.


November 8


My eyes flutter open as I look at the time, its 4:30 a.m. I have to leave an hour for the airport. I turn off my alarm and slowly sit up. I push my lose hairs back out of my face and stretch. Slowly walking over to my closet, I grab my clothes for the trip. I put on a pair of yoga pants, a long baggy sweater, and toms. Putting my hair in a big bun with a wrap headband and then brushing my teeth. I pack the last few things I need to pack and then by then its not 5:20. I start to load my car and then I go lock up my apartment. After that I get in the car and turn on the radio. I hate singing in front of people, I can’t do it, but when I’m by myself I sing so loud and badly. All of a sudden a familiar beat comes on, I roll my eyes in excitement, it’s Kiss You by One Direction. One Direction, I can’t describe my love for them, so all I say is, they make me happy when I’m sad. I finally pull into the airport parking lot, as I sing along to Kiss You. The song ends and I park. I go in the airport give in my luggage; go through security, blah blah blah. I check my instagram, on my 1d account, and apparently Harry is leaving to go back to London today, he was in D.C. visiting a friend, and I was two hours away from there in Virginia but I didn’t find out he was until I was in class yesterday and I knew I couldn’t go up because I had to go today. I’m in D.C. right now, but there are a lot of different airports to go to, he would never be at the one I’m at. But oh how I hoped he was. I bought some breakfast, gum, and a magazine for the plane. I finally boarded the plane and toke my seat.  I had a window seat, thankfully, but I felt my eyes flutter asleep before the plane even toke off.


Waking up


I feel my head on someone’s shoulder…shoot! I get up quickly and say,

“Oh my gosh I’m so sorry I—“

 “It’s okay love, I don’t mind!”

Holy poop I know that voice…I turn my head to face him.


“Oh…I guess you know who I am…sorry if I startled you.”

“oh no it’s completely alright, startle me any time please.”

I twirl my hair out of my face.

Harry laughs, “alright babe well nice to meet you I’m Harry.”

I giggle and say, “I’m Isabella, my nicknames Bella, either is good with me.”

“Bella, that’s a beautiful name.”

I giggle, “thanks Harry.”

-I pause

“You know what Darc. I think this stories going to be to long for us to read in one night, how about we read a little a night, it’s already almost your bed time, lets go wash up. Plus I should probably check on your brothers. I pick Darcy up and we walk down stairs.


“Collin, Theo say goodnight to your sister!”

Collin says, “We’re in the middle of a game!”

Darcy and I walk in the family room and my beautiful 11-year-old twin boys are playing Mario Kart. Darcy and I wait until the game is over, then they say goodnight. My phone starts buzzing I look at it, “Harry would like to facetime.”

“oh guys Daddy wants to facetime!” we all line um on the sofa and Darcy sits on Theodore’s lap.

I pick up the facetime and there is Harry. The kids scream “DADDDY!” we smile at each other.


“Hey guys! I miss his voice so much.”

“We miss you Harry, everyone’s good. How are things over there?”

“That’s great, and everything’s going good. Liam wants to say hi!”

Theo says, “Hi uncle lili!”

Liam waves, “hey guys!”

Harry says, “ok guys daddy has to go get ready for tonight’s show I’ll see you guys soon!” then we do the ritual phone pass. First Collin gets the phone “Goodnight Daddy good luck!” then you hear kiss noises and they blow kisses. Everyone does this. Then it’s my turn and Harry tells me to message him so I say ok. We blow kisses and then say goodbye.


I bring Darcy to bed and tuck her in. Then I say goodnight to Theodore and Collin and they are allowed to watch t.v. In their room since it’s still kind of early for them. But I keep a sleep timer on it so they have to go to be by a certain time depending on the night.


After everyone goes to bed, I decide to read more of my story, diary.







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