A Question.

A Harry fanfic.


1. The Question


Darcy’s perspective


“My parents met at a family friends party,” my best friend Jess said.

“Mine met on a cruise ship,” my other best friend Angie stated.

“Mine met in high school, they were high school sweethearts,” my other best friend Lilly stated.

“Where did your parents meet Darcy?” Jess asked.

I stumbled, “I-I-I actually don’t know.”

“WHAT?” they all said.

Angie said, “You’re asking your parents ASAP! Your Dad is HARRY STYLES and you don’t know I can’t believe it!”

“Alright, alright I will tonight calm your pants!” I wink at them and they laugh.


Bella’s perspective


I’m laying in my bed sketching some new designs for my new winter collection, however I’m having some trouble finding inspiration for it. I haven’t seen Harry in a month, he’s on tour and it’s starting to get to me. All of a sudden my door opens, it’s my 8-year-old daughter Darcy.

“Hey Darc, come up! Wanna watch a movie or something?”

“Actually Mommy I have a question,” she says while getting up on the bed.

“Oh...and what is that?

“How did you and Daddy meet?”

I smile at her.

“What a good question! Let me get something to help me tell you hold on.”

I walk out of bed and get a box out of under my bed. I look around in it and finally find it. I stand up get back on the bed and sit up.

“You see, I made a private blog a long time ago with a password and I would write everyday about me and your dad, I still do sometimes. But I print them every month and make a book out of them to keep them in writing.”

Darcy nods at me and I begin to read.

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