Broken Promises

''Don't worry Mr. John,I promise I'll take care of her the whole time when we get there." Niall said with a reassuring smile. Will that one promise be broken? Want to find out more? Check out this story! P.S sorry if my writing's rubbish! I tried to do my best.


3. Chapter 2

Amber's POV

Revealing Niall, oh boy my palms are already sweating but I just let it go and act like his weird normal cousin. He ran to me and hugged me tightly then started joking around until my sister 'Chelsea' burst in the room and took some pictures of us while were laughing and smiling. My day is going perfect already....''So are you done already?!?!?! by the way you look stunning, love'' he winked and started jumping around. ''Hehe yeah I'm done and thanks'' I blushed at his last comment. ''Awww Amber is Blushing'' He said as he pinched my cheeks several times. i tried hard not to laugh and be serious but I just failed. "Come on, lets go down, your father is waiting for us!" he said as he took my hand and ran downstairs When we finally ran down the last steps of stairs, my family was already outside the backyard. We ran there and I stood next to my father and hugged him, kissed him on the cheek and whispered ''Happy birthday daddy'' I smiled and he smiled back. While we standing in awkward silence, my mum brought the cake! And dang it was delicious! we all finished singing to my father happy birthday and now he has to make a wish "Make a wish daddy' I squealed. ''I don't need to make a wish because I already have what i need here'' dad said. There were chorus's of 'aww's' in the background. 'But you have to make a wish dad, please, for me?'' I asked. "Why don't you tell me what you want because I don't really need anything hunny'' He said flashing a big smile at me. I thought for a minute, then it clicked! ''How about letting me go with my cousins at the club tonight? Please daddy? i know we talked about this and you said no but please? All of my cousins are going and I will be left here lonely sitting at home watching boring movies while eating ice cream. Please dad? just this time! Please?!!??!?" I begged and he finally said a 'Yes'. "Thank you thank you so much daddy!" I exclaimed while hugging him tightly. "You'r welcome cupcake" He said as he hugged me back. We broke from the hug and everyone cheered.


---Late at Night---

I rushed to my bedroom, wore my dress, made my hair, sprayed perfume and then wore my high heels. I'm jumping from the inside right now. I took my purse and ran down the stairs. Sat on the couch and waited till my cousins came to pick me up. As I was waiting my parents came down and at the same exact time, I heard a knock on the door and went to open it. I opened the door and it was Niall. ''Ready to go?" He asked with a smile. ''Ye-'' I was cut off by my dad saying ''Take care of her okay?" ''Don't worry Mr. John,I promise I'll take care of her the whole time when we get there." Niall said with a reassuring smile. "Okay you can go now, have fun princess" Dad said as he kissed me on the cheek. "Bye dad i will!" And with that, we left and sat in the car joining my other cousins. "So who's ready to have some fun tonight?" Niall yelled. Everyone cheered and we set off to the club

---Skip Car Ride--

As soon as we arrived we hoped of the car and entered the club. I got a few drinks and by that I became drunk. I went to dance with some random people and by that I felt a hand cover my mouth with a cloth and I soon felt sleepy.

Niall's POV

She was so beautiful, the minute I saw her i couldn't stop staring at her. We entered the club and got a few drinks. Amber went to dance with some people and I'm just here sitting on the counter asking for more drinks. "More" I said. "Sir, I think you've had enough" The man said. "Whatever" I said as I turned my chair to face the people. Oh I remember! I have to keep an eye on Amber....She was just here a minute ago...I searched for her everywhere, there's Greg, maybe he knows where she went. I walked to him  "Hey Greg, did you see Amber?" I asked worried. He shook his head 'no'. No no no she must be here. After an hour of searching, I still didn't find her. I searched everywhere, the dance floor, the counter, even the bathroom! I felt a tear roll down my cheek. Someone must have kidnapped her or something and its all because of me, I promised her dad that I'd take care of her. Stupid Niall! I burried my face in my hands and began to cry and slid down the floor against the wall. What have I done?




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