Broken Promises

''Don't worry Mr. John,I promise I'll take care of her the whole time when we get there." Niall said with a reassuring smile. Will that one promise be broken? Want to find out more? Check out this story! P.S sorry if my writing's rubbish! I tried to do my best.


2. Chapter 1

Amber's POV

I was doing my make-up. Today was my father's birthday, and we're gonna do a birthday party for daddy too! My mum just finished baking the cake and decorating it. It looks delicious! Chocolate cake with chocolate covered frosting. Strawberry's on the side and a text that said ''Happy Birthday John" on it. I cant wait till dad comes! I'm super nervous right now. Not because its my fathers birthday....well yeah i was nervous of that too, but my cousin 'Niall' is coming over too with the rest of the family! I had a crush on him since when we were children. We were the bestest Cousins/Friends. I always had a crush on him but I don't think he has a crush on me too. I mean look at me. I'm hideous, and hes soon going to audition for the X-Factor, so yeah, I don't know what I'm talking about, but you get what I mean, don't you? As I was daydreaming about that we cant be together, the door burst open revealing.....



Hey guys! Well erm... this is my first movella so I'm sorry if its terrible but I'm trying my best on it....and I hope you like it. Please comment, like, favorite if you like it. Thank you.

~Claire xx

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