Chloe' has always wanted to meet Zayn Malik from One Direction, and when she gets the chance, she takes it. She ends up meeting Zayn and falling head over heels, but when Harry starts to try to make a move, Chloe' becomes confused. Who will she choose? Zayn, who loves her, or Harry, the one she can always turn to?


4. Mystery Girl

Chloe's POV:
Zayn Malik had just asked me to be his girlfriend and I didn't know what to say. I was shocked and confused because I liked him, but Harry. Oh Harry. Why are you so gorgeous? Oh my. I had no idea what to say. I finally decided. "Yes." I will be your girlfriend Zayn.
Zayn's POV:
She said yes! That was amazing considering how she was looking at Harry earlier. She looked at him like he was a cute little puppy. It was obvious she had a slight crush on him. Although she said yes to me, there was no telling what this girl was capable of. Either way, I liked it. She was beautiful and she was sweet too. Soon we pulled up to the after party with the boys and a few fans. When we got there, the only people left there were the boys and some of Chloe's friends that I hadn't seen yet. We all introduced each other even though Chloe' had already met the boys. When her friends saw that she came in with me they flipped. They immediately ran over to her and I listened to them talking to her as I sat with the boys drinking a lemonade.
Chloe's POV:
"Oh my gosh Chloe' how did you get with him?" McKenzie asked crazily. "met him when I was going to the bathroom. He asked me to come back stage and meet the boys and then offered to drive me here." I answered. "Oh my gosh what else?" Klarissa asked. "Well he asked me out. But you can't tell!" I said. "We won't!" later on we ended up all on the couch me sitting by Zayn, his arm around my waist. I was checking twitter and looked at the trending stuff. Apparently someone had snapped a picture of me and Zayn getting into his car. I showed Zayn and he said to look at the title. I did. It said Zayn and His New Mystery Girl. "that has a nice ring to it" he said. "Sure it does babe." I said back laughing.
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