Chloe' has always wanted to meet Zayn Malik from One Direction, and when she gets the chance, she takes it. She ends up meeting Zayn and falling head over heels, but when Harry starts to try to make a move, Chloe' becomes confused. Who will she choose? Zayn, who loves her, or Harry, the one she can always turn to?


5. Introducing Mystery Girl

I woke up and saw Chloe' laying in my lap, my arms around her on this comfy couch we had fallen asleep on. I looked over and saw her friend, Mckenzie, laying on Nialls shoulder. It was sweet to look at because Niall doesnt normally get girlfriends. I was guessing they had gotten together last night. Her other friend, Klarissa, had found her way into Liam's arms, him holding her tight. They were adorable. Dani and Liam had just broken up, so it was good for him to move on. He took it hard, and he needed to get over it and find a new girl. He would be happy with Klarissa. Suddenly I felt my phone vibrate. I pulled it out of my pocket and see a new twitter notification. I unlock my phone and see that I had over 100 new notifications and even more followers. There was one that stood out to me though. The username was chloem_xoxo. Hmm. I opened up to her page and saw that it was my girl! Chloe'! Then I went to my page and looked at some tweets from our directioners. One of them caught my eye... They were bashing on Chloe'! One said: @zaynmalik: don't be with that ugly girl, be with me bby! Xoxo- @lovedirection. These girls weren't true Directioners if they didn't support our girls! I decided to tweet: All directioners... Listen up! You need to be supportive of our girls that we like! Don't bash them... Much lovee @zaynmalik. Soon, Chloe' woke up and we were talking, waiting for the boys to get up. We decided to show who she was to the world. We took a picture and decided to post it. She looked adorable with her hair all messed up, laying in my shoulder. The caption for the picture was Intorducing Mystery Girl. Within an hour it was on the trending page.
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