Chloe' has always wanted to meet Zayn Malik from One Direction, and when she gets the chance, she takes it. She ends up meeting Zayn and falling head over heels, but when Harry starts to try to make a move, Chloe' becomes confused. Who will she choose? Zayn, who loves her, or Harry, the one she can always turn to?


2. Backstage

Zayn's POV:
She was beautiful, her curves, her flowing brown hair, and her big brown eyes. She was wearing a black lace shirt with the sleeves cut out and then cuffed at the bottom. She beautifully paired that with her purple skinny jeans and black heels. She looked so dang good. I wanted her to stay for a while. Maybe she could meet the lads and stay for the after party. That would be great.
Chloe's POV:
I couldn't believe that Zayn Malik had asked me to come backstage with him. He was so dang cute I wanted to stay right next to him. I could tell that he wanted to put his arm around me but he seemed hesitant. I wasn't sure if I would want him to, but he was Zayn Malik for crying out loud! Of course I would like it!!!! He finally did and when we got backstage, he introduced me to Niall, Liam, Louis, and Harry. Woah. Harry Styles. I was totally fangirling right now. I mean, I was a Zayn Maliker, but Harry was gorgeous. His floppy curls and his strong arms, gosh. Although I liked Zayn way more.
Harry's POV:
She was staring at me. I could tell she liked me, but she had met Zayn first. I wasn't gonna go after her if she was more interested in Zayn.
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