Chloe' has always wanted to meet Zayn Malik from One Direction, and when she gets the chance, she takes it. She ends up meeting Zayn and falling head over heels, but when Harry starts to try to make a move, Chloe' becomes confused. Who will she choose? Zayn, who loves her, or Harry, the one she can always turn to?


3. Afterwards

Chloe's POV:
After the concert I went to the girls and gave them my keys. I told them to head to the after party, and I was going with a friend. When they asked who I told them that it was someone I had met here and they wanted to take me to the after party. When they finally left I went to be with Zayn. He was waiting for me by his Audi R8. He opened my door for me and I got in. He then got in and started the car. He drove with one hand, the other one resting on the middle rest. I think he wanted to hold my hand, but I wasn't too sure. I reached at his hand and he grabbed it. We drove listening to the radio, talking, and laughing.
Zayn's POV:
She looked so cute when she laughed, almost as if she liked me. I wanted to ask her out, but I didn't know what she would say since we had just met. I decided to go for it. "Hey Chloe', I know we just met but I see something different in you. I see beauty and youth and love, an I want to be able to call you my girlfriend, so will you go out with me?"
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