Live,Laugh,Love<3 *one direction fanfiction*

heey guys,
this fanfic is about five girls Primrose,Emily,Skyler,Rosanne and Eva.
the girls are best friends for ever and are going to travel round England.
they are all very excited but what will the trip bring to them love? friends? parties?
find out by reading the story!


2. Meet the others.

Promrose's P.O.V.
I stepped out off the shower and grabbed a towel and dried my naked body.
when i was dry i put on a pair of short jean shorts and a short,loose white blouse the i put on my low white all stars and applied some make-up. the i blow dried my hair and let it fall in loose curls over my shoulders and back. i walked out off the bathroom into the bedroom. I saw Niall
he was sitting on our bed watching tv. "Heey Nialler what are ya watching?"I asked.
"Heey Rose you look gorgeous! and i'm not really watching something i was waiting for you!"Niall said with a slight smile."You were?"I asked. "Yeah i was wondering if you would like to come with me my friends are having a sleep over tonight at their house and they told me i could invite someone so would you like to come?"he asked. "Hmmmm...Yeah sounds fun but can my friends come to?"I asked. "Yeah sure..ooppss we have to be there at eight and it's now half past seven!"He said. "I'll go and get the girls ready would you like to grab me some clothes and stuff for the sleep over?"I said. "Yeah sure but hurry!"He said and started to pack some stuff.
I ran to the girls rooms and knocked on the door very loud. as soon as the girls opened their doors i ran in i told them about the sleep over and they went to pack their stuff.
#ten minutes later
everyone had their stuff and we walked towards nialls car where he was already waiting for us.
'Heey girls i'm Niall"He introduced himself. "Hi Niall you already know me but they are my friends:Eva,SkylerEmily and Rosanne"I introduced them. then we all got in the car.
#skip car ride.
we arrived at a big house. we got out of the car and grabbed our stuff.

a/n:I'll update as soon as posible sorry for the bad spelling i'm writing this on my phone!.
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