Live,Laugh,Love<3 *one direction fanfiction*

heey guys,
this fanfic is about five girls Primrose,Emily,Skyler,Rosanne and Eva.
the girls are best friends for ever and are going to travel round England.
they are all very excited but what will the trip bring to them love? friends? parties?
find out by reading the story!


1. Hit The Road.

"Hurry they are waiting for us!"Emily yelled upstairs.
I'm comming!"I *primrose* sprinted down the stairs with my bag.
#me and Emily ran outside towards Skyler's car an army green jeep.
"heeeeyyyyy girlss"Skyler,Eva and Rosanne said excited.
"heey"me and Em said while we threw our bags in the trunck.
me and Emily got in the back of the jeep next to Eva.
Rosanne turned the radio I knew you were trouble was on and we all sang a long.
Skyler was driving we had the wind in our hair.
#after an hour driving in the heat outside we arrived in a small town with lots of shops.
skyler parked the car and we hopped out we walked towards our hotel we were going to stay there for 5 days. We walked towards the front desk and checked in.
we got three room keys Skyler and Rosanne shared a room and Eva and Emily i was going to share a room with a boy the woman at the front desk told me.
I knocked on the door and a boy with beautiful blond hair and gorgeous blue eyes opened the door. "heey you must be my roommate! I'm Niall"he said.
heey Niall nice to meet you i'm Primrose but call me Rose.
"that's a beautiful name for a beautiful girl!"he said while winking at me.
I blushed and walked in the room the room had two closets and one big bed.
"It looks like we have to share a bed"Niall said.
Yeah no problem! but i think i'm going to take a shower" I responded.
"ok see you later!"Niall walked out of the room.

and what do you think?:)
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xxx Julia.
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